Friday, April 22, 2011

Wildlife Experience

Yesterday as a field trip day... to the Wildlife Experience in Parker CO. It is a pretty cool place, and in addition to seeing all the cool animals, there was a science fair. Some of these experiments were pretty cool.

Did you know that Sonar used by humans in the ocean harms Whales? Well the cutest little 7 year old girl taught us all about it!

Did you know you could hook your bike up to an alternator type thing and figure out how to make your bike riding power your wii?  The sweetest 11 year old boy showed us his invention. Although I have a feeling his mom is really the winner on this deal!

The Wildlife experience has a lot of different Biomes ( thats scientific words there LOL) and you get to go thru them all.... hence the Polar Bear - who was HUGE by the way!

Do they look like they are chasing the wagon train in the 1800's?

This is the front of the building. Pretty cool day.... and then we headed up to Longmont, via a short stop at The Quilt Store in Broomfield, and went to the oldest brothers swim meet.

He did quite awesome and we let him ride home in the car with us, rather than run home!!

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marilyn said...

I love the wildlife experience. It is right around the corner from my parent's house! You should have stopped by and said hi for me :) Good times there. Thanks for the pictures.