Monday, April 25, 2011

My designs are on the table.

Hope everyone had a Great Easter Weekend! We got to spend Easter with my parents and it snowed!!! and I was wearing Flip Flops.... go figure. It was fun to have a roaring fire and watch it come down!

I am at the stage of the year where I am wishing that it is over... sort of... the kids and all their events are taking all of our time! So little sewing is being done, but I do have a few things on the sewing table.
I am hoping I will get some sewing time in this week to finish my orange project before April is Over!!!!  Wish me luck!

Go to to see other design walls!


Chris said...

I hate this time of year too. It is so hectic the last couple of weeks of the semester.
Great fabric for your Orange quilt :)

Marti said...

Snow at Easter. Amazing, but pretty too. I like the orange and green combo you have started. Good luck with getting some sewing done soon; it's hard getting anything done this time of year.

Melinda said...

I remember praying that the boys' lacrosse teams would NOT make it into the playoffs. What a terrible parent.
Good luck with your orange project.

Pat R said...

I love this orange project! I'm a big fan of bright colors. Stop and take a few minutes for yourself when you's almost summer, but, then, you will need to go full steam ahead on 4H and fair projects! I'm exhausted thinking about all you do! Good Job!