Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stash Report and... some finishes!

Fabric Used this week :     .55 yard - I cut the binding for a jelly roll quilt, then pinned it to it so someone ( preferably NOT me) can bind it!!

Fabric Used YTD:      221.9 yards

Fabrics in this week:   0 Yards
Fabrics Added  YTD:   159.4 yards

Fabrics BUSTED:   62.51 yards

Altho not a lot of fabric was used this week, a lot of quilting got done, which made me happy!

This is a comfort quilt for our quilt guild. It was done as a block of the month - where a lot of people made the same block then turned them in, another gal put them into a top, and I quilted it, and cut the binding strips.... for the *next* person to bind..tee hee 
Here's a close up of the quilting.
I got the Red Jelly Roll Quilt quilted, and binding cut for it. I will be taking it to our May sew day, and letting some sweet quilter bind it.... 
I also got this Jelly roll Quilt quilted, I did lots of waves so it kind of looks like a waving flag.

And last but not least, I got the binding on Wrangler Mans quilt done. He is taking a leadership class this weekend for Shooting Sports in 4-H, and its pretty long, so I layed the quilt across the couch for him to see. He said - Wow I would love a quilt like that. Is it going to a soldier?  

I said - nope its for you... and he smiled, and then he did NOT offer me chocolate. He said NO ONE is to eat around *MY* quilt.

So I guess he liked it, he may keep me around *grin*

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Impera Magna said...

So glad that your husband was both surprised and pleased with his quilt...

*sitting here smiling*

JuJu said...

Hey Alycia ... did ya get a hug and kiss from Wrangler Man for that manly quilt? LOLOL that's better than chocolate, isn't it?
Julia, NE

Jo said...

WOW...busy week for you. Love all those patriotic colors...some soldiers will really be happy. I admire your dedication!!

Barb in Mi said...

You've been busy! And even something that stays at home - I am pretty sure certain people will "keep you around" for a long time!!

Kathie said...

Great you got so much quilting done this week. I actually quilted two of MY quilts, nice.

BunkHouseQuilts said...

I love the jelly roll quilt. I am keeping that idea for a future quilt~! As always, I enjoy your quilts. I can partially identify with Wranger Man: I taught 4-H shooting sports for 9 years, however, chocolate should be enjoyed everywhere! Have a great day!

Quilter Kathy said... did accomplish a lot this week...way to go!

Kate said...

Great quilts and a great stash report.