Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good Morning! It is still morning right?

My schedule is all messed up, and my days are backwards.... My oldest son was at the FBLA State convention and we had to have him at the bus on Sunday at 6am, and he got back yesterday. Just in time for me to speed him to the pool to compete in a swim meet. And since we are all off schedule, none of us are sure what day it is !! Don't you love weeks like that?

It is a good thing I set some goals, or I might have been drifting all week....well I might have been drifting anyways - but I have pictures!!!

First on my list was to start my Orange Quilt.... and here is some of the oranges all cut.
Some stitching was even done.....

Second was to Quilt a few Quilts. This is a customer quilt, Her Mother in Law made the top and it was sent to me to quilt. I had fun checking out all the fabrics she used in the fan blades.

I also had time to work on a Top Secret project, got the top put together and got it quilted yesterday and you will just have to wait until it is given to see it. But I like how it turned out!

An unmentioned that was on my list was to start getting things cleaned out! We signed up for a Yard Sale over in Loveland on May 7th. It's purpose was to force us to get rid of the stuff we don't use anymore, and take back our basement. We have a lot of stuff.... its sad!

But I found this magazine and It is a complete quilt pattern - So I thought I would do a giveaway!
If you would like this leave me a comment saying you do -
And on Friday at 3pm we will draw a winner!!

Oh ya! My list for next week.

1. Still make the purple binding, I have chosen the fabric and that is as far as I got.
2. Bind the Top Secret Quilt ( ugh - gag - need chocolate)
3. Go to Mom and Dads for Easter and eat all of their food.
4. Work on Orange Quilt

Oh! And my son won in his category at FBLA and gets to go to the National Convention in Florida.... the younger kids and I are thinking Disney world!!

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Melinda said...

Congrats to your FBLA. And now you all get to enjoy the fruits of his labor.
Love the collection of oranges you have.

Impera Magna said...

DisneyWorld... oh yes! Great idea! Congratulations to your son on winning his category!

Julianne said...

Congrats on your week and your up coming trip to Florida. I do not miss raceing the kids about to get them to where they need to be but, it does have it's rewards.

Love the orange fabrics.

Anonymous said...

Tell your young un congratulations on the FBLA win. How exciting is that?! And Disney to boot. Even better!

I also love those oranges. They warm my soul....Wonder why I don't have much orange in my stash? I might have to work on that! LOL

Your giveaway quilt sure is pretty, but I don't have any clue when I would have time to work on something like that. I'd probably find it stuck in my basement several years from now and then be offering it on my blog!

Have a wonderful week and hope you catch up with your days!


Anonymous said...

Tell Big Bit congrats from us and tell him good luck in the nationals! I too do not miss the 3-ring circus we had going for about 5 yrs when the kiddos were home. Disney world would be a perfect vacation for the family.

I'd love to win that pattern. Wish I had a basement to put things :( Besides it would be much cooler in the AZ summers....LOL

Shari in AZ