Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A little Quilting done

I snuck in a little quilting so far.... This is a Quilt of Valor that is a string quilt. I took the blocks to some quilt shows, and to the American Legion, and had people sign them.

A gal in my guild put the top together. And now it is ready to be bound.

Then I snuck another one in there to quilt.... its for Wrangler Man, so I hope I get it bound before he sees it in my pile and puts the pressure on me... he is horrible at with holding chocolate from me... pure torture - it is!


Impera Magna said...

Withholding chocolate? That is cruel and unusual punishment.... *lol*

I vote for having your own secret chocolate stash for emergencies!

Nancy said...

I love the idea of having signatures on the strings.

Laurie said...

A secret stash of chocolate would never work for me...I have no will-power, the stash would be gone too soon.
I'm from the Colorful Country too but I'm in TX now. :(...not really Texas is fine but I love Colorado Springs.
I taught some ladies to make the strings quilt last year; I've never made one though. We donated it to a local shelter but I can see that the Valor quilts are a great place to send quilts. Good luck with your garden.

Amy said...

I'm with Nancy----the signatures on the blocks (along with the sayings) add such a personal touch to the quilts :0)

I'm also with Impera_Magna.....a small piece of chocolate everyday goes a long way into controlling cravings :0)

Anonymous said...

The quilts look wonderful! I love the signatures on the strings. That adds so much special to the quilts.

I also like Wrangler Man's quilt, but agree that withholding chocolate is cruel and unusual punishment.

FYI - my computer is down (I am borrowing hubby's today) so the QAR for next week won't come out until Thursday. I told Shelly she would be right on time! LOL