Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's Official

I am *that* mom!!

Years ago when my oldest was 5, we started playing basketball. We made friends with a great family that had 4 kids, their youngest was the same age as my oldest. She was/is a wealth of information, but I started noticing that she missed a lot of practices, and that sometimes she dropped her kiddo off at practice and didn't come in, and then a few times she called for us to pick her son up.

She explained that she was in that phase known as *bus driver* and she would drop kids at different locations, maybe have time to check out 10 minutes of a practice/event, and then start the pick up process.

And I kind of hoped that would never happen to me, apparently hope, is all it was!!!

Last night I had to call in the reinforcements! I had one child at the east end of one town, and 2 children at the west end of a second town ( as in as FAR apart as they could be) and all three of them needed to be picked up/dropped off at 5:30. 

I called Mom and Dad.... bless them!! They picked up one child... FED him, and brought him to where the other 2 children were. And then we all got home at 9pm. Which brings me to the most important point..... they took over my sewing time!!! ALL of it!!!

High School swim season winds down at the end of May, so right now we are in the thick of it, and even though I am not swimming, I am the driver. We have to swim at a school in Greeley, as our school doesn't have a swim team.....

So if I have nothing exciting to show on the quilty front - will you still love me?


marilyn said...

I am that mom too. With my oldest, I sat at every event, eyes glued to her the whole time. With child #3, I give him money and ask what time he will be home. Child #4 doesn't even get to do things! :( I love you more than you could ever know!

Nancy said...

I'd say, your priorities are spot on. The quilts will wait for another day.

Impera Magna said...

Been there and survived... tough years for "mom's taxi service" but important ones for your children.... once your kids graduate from HS, you'll have plenty of time to sew and miss them.

Kathie said...

Even though it is scary when they get a driver's license maybe it will help when you oldest gets one. I only have one kid and years of ballet lessons, school activities etc. I felt like a mom taxi. Scares me when she is out driving but also liking the being able to stay home.

Quiltin Jenny said...

We are heading towards the end of this stage, as my oldest is a new driver. It is crazy, and your calendar (preferably synced to your phone since you'll never be home) is your best friend.
All I can say is to ride the wave and treasure every moment of it. These are rare times when you will be alone with one child in the car, and amazing conversations happen. Now that my oldest is driving, he leaves for school at 6:45 and gets home from sports practice about 12 hours later! I miss him already and he hasn't even thought about college yet.
It goes by so fast. Hang on!

Beth said...

OH MY! You could be describing me! I did 2 in sports at once and didn't think I could get any busier. Now I have one in sports..but he is playing two at once! I keept meeting myself coming and going. I know this season will pass (and SOON...he can get his permit in a few months), so I'm hanging on by my fingernails. OH..and packing a tote with binding, applique, knitting.... ! (and he has made our house the 'hang out house'. IF I'm home, its full of someone elses kids that all want to EAT! ROTLF!)

BunkHouseQuilts said...

I remember those days exactly. Their driver's licenses couldn't come quick enough....then that just brought new worries...haha. We love you even more because you have your priorities right~! Have a great day!

Gypsy Quilter said...

of course we will . . . and we'll await anxiously to hear the outcome of each event.

Cheryl Willis said...

I read this earlier and didn't comment. My daughter called to see if I could drive grandson to soccer, her batt was dead on her car. So just when I thought I was going to brag that I had been there and done that- I am there again!
I joked to hubby that I should have said NO, now that she knows I know where it is I bet I get more phone calls- lol

Anonymous said...

I can so relate but am not all the way there yet. I had to pick one up at 3:15 with a dentist appointment at 3:45 on the south side of town and then had to be back up on the north side of town at 4:00 to pick the little ones up off the bus. I think NOT!

I called Grandma and Grandpa. We are so blessed to have them close enough to help at times like this!

The oldest is in baseball and basketball and to be honest, that is enough running around that we haven't even thought about letting the twins start any sports yet!

And everyone else is right...we still love you because you have the priorities right!