Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Colorado Quilts of Valor

Good Wednesday Morning!!!
I have some great Quilts of Valor Inspirations for you today!
And this first one - has already been awarded!! 

Too cool - we sure don't hold on to them for long
but at least.... I have their photos !!
 We did this block as a block drive block way back in 2016
and it is still a favorite for us

Rolland made this one
He cracks me up - 
I think I told you about him
He saw all the fabric in his wife's QOV bin and started in!!

My Laura in Cali
Who is just north of some of those awful fires 
( so pray for her safety)
sent these in

and this one
It just needs a border
but she sent those too!
This is the Mystery

and then Ms Connie got on the ball and made a WHOLE
Quilted and all!!

I think Crystal is going to win the Best Use of Panels Award  - I love how she put this one in this quilt!

One month this year ( I can't remember which) we made Disappearing 9 Patches out of our 5 inch square bin. Vickie went home and tore up her own bin and Ta da!! This was hers!!

and the Smiles
Totally makes it all worth it!

See you friday for TGIF Friday - hosted right here!!! So go finish something ( I am working feverishly away)

Monday, November 12, 2018

Cancer T Shirt Quilt

I have a friend.

Yep - just let that sink in a little bit... I do have one ( grin)

She is a cancer survivor and she has participated in a TON of Cancer walks. With each one she collected a T shirt , and now is the time to make them into a quilt!

I cut all the shirts and this is the final layout.

Now off to get it quilted before Christmas ....

Have a great day!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Fall In Colorado

In September - the colors start to change and the mountains get Ah! Mazing!!

So my other half and I headed up to the mountains and decided to see if we could hike to the continental Divide.... We did, and it sorta didn't look like I thought it would.... I did not stand on a precipice and look left to see the western half of the us, and turn right to see the eastern half....

but it was still pretty cool!

See those rocks up there in the distance?  at the top of the photo? That is where we were heading - 

pretty cool right?

See - we have a little bit of help in our climb by the drive.... which is good - I hadn't packed that much chocolate!  ( and I wasn't driving so it was safe for me to take photos thru the windshield)

The colors change at all sorts of different rates - depending on where you are, the elevation, how much moisture they got, how fast it got cold.....   We took a random guess and hoped we would see some color!

I personally LOVED it!!

as we hiked the color changes got more variegated

and you saw larger patches

and we got on our trail and our goal became this rock ( above)

It has a name - I just can't remember it at the moment - and WM is outside doing chores, and if I holler and ask he will make me go outside..... so I will ask and tell you in my next hiking post.....

PS the temps are dropping outside, we are supposed to get snow tonite, and I am already warm.... so you know!

I just loved the contrast between the green trees, the reds and the Rocks

Oh and this!! THIS is what the trail looked like almost the WHOLE way

I guess when you are going up to the Divide, the trail really does mean up
My legs got a workout
as well as my lungs!

Friday, November 09, 2018

It's Friday Friday Friday

and I don't have a finish.... but I have a start.... well I may have 3 or 4 starts - but I am only going to show you one... so I don't look so crazy!!

I might have been perusing other blogs.... especially Mary Quilts blog and she had the COOLEST antique quilt on there!

Isn't that neat?  The Block is called Fox and Geese - and I loved it! 

so look what jumped up on my cutting table!

I used 5 inch squares for the half squares, and 2 1/2 inch strips for the opposite blocks - and of course it is not quite perfect, but this was my test block to see if my measurements would work.... and I think they do.... its just me....

SO!! I am on a mission to use up some pieces of my replicate this quilt...

AND!! Next Friday !!  ( the 16th)  I HOST TGIFFRIDAY!!! So go finish something - I gave you a whole weeks notice,,, Blog about it - and come link up!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Quilts of Valor Colorado

Well the latest mystery is over.... I showed you mine...I have been loving seeing others versions and what they did with it - SO COOL!!

And now we are back to more inspirations!!

These  are all Quilts of Valor that either my groups have made, or have been sent to me... or even.... that I made ( gasp) and have or will be awarded to Veterans Touched by War...and hopefully - will inspire you....

I love scraps, and I try so hard to cut up my leftovers and backings into usable squares right after I am done with the project.. But just so you don't think I am perfect - Sometimes that takes a year or two....  I cut a lot of our smaller pieced into 5 inch squares and at one of our sew day we made dissappearing 9 patches - Deb got way carried away ( yay) and took a huge stack home and made this one!

Dianne Hosted one of our sew days and introduced us to this block. Joan went home and promptly made another one!! Isn't it cool!!

This one is called the Patriot
It was a mystery hosted RIGHT HERE on this blog
and is still listed up in the header... if you are so inclines

I quilted it - so ... you know....its all about me ( ha ha)

This one was pieced by Howard and Lois did an AH!~ Mazing job Quilting it!!

Rubydell started this one with the String Blocks and Cowboy Bob added borders
Carry Quilted it - a Great team effort!!

And this last one to share - it was pieced by Rolland
It was actually Awarded this weekend and was loved SO much!

Did you see any you liked?
Any you just HAve to make? or add to that Bucket List??


Sunday, November 04, 2018

Spinning Stars!!

No matter what block we decided this was..... ( I googled it finally.... lemoyne star)
It is TOPPED!!

Now I am searching for a backing...
 ( not really, I just didn't want you to think I was lazy.... I know right where it is)

Here it is!!

Each block is all 5 inch squares made into half squares
4 Reds, 4 Blues and 8 Whites.

Its a great leader/Ender project!!

and just in case you wondered why I didn't find my backing and get it all prepped RIGHT AWAY

This happened
11 VietNam Veterans awarded their Quilts of Valor

11 Awesome hugs

It was a great time

and... They were so awesome
and surprised

Many Thanks to those who helped us pull it off!

Saturday, November 03, 2018

Hiking in the Open Space

Did you know that tonite we do our Daylight Savings time thing?? That means that I will be all messed up for a week or two.... Which, well, if you know me, you might just say that is a permanent condition..... sigh....

So!  Remember last week when I showed you a tiny glimpse of one of our hikes?  well be prepared!!

I LOVE the Mountains, but I have to tell you.... the Plains are pretty awesome too!

We started out and walked into this canyon - it didn't look to Canyon-y until we kept going.... it was cool!
and the landscape started getting taller, and we felt smaller

which with a 6'6" and a 6'4" kid.... is kinda hard to do!

The rock formations were really breath taking

and the weeds
I am pretty sure these are weeds
but they attracted bugs and butterflies
so - they are all right in my book! 

as we came out of one canyon
the clouds that were building were so cool

and yes - we kept an eye on them, and the distance to our truck
There have been times these turn into amazing lightening storms

this little butterfly was a model
He sat there for so long while I tried to sneak around him to get a photo

and of course

This in our world, needs to be pulled
in open space
we can't touch it

and the clouds kept growing

It was just a cool hike
and so pretty

The temps were cool, and the sun was just enough - so you didn't feel burned

If you want to see more.... just click on one of the photos - and it will take you to my Whole Album of photos from that day ;-)


Friday, November 02, 2018

Patriotic Finishes for Friday!!!

Whoot Whoot!!  TWO!! Finishes..... well as finished as I get Quilts of Valor !!  You know I always like to spread the love, so someone else will add the binding....  ;-)

One of our Flags for Sue Tops. I pieced it, and well - I sorta really liked the gold so I decided I wanted to Quilt it ...and me, having it in my possession.... did just that!!

and the next one is a top that Kevin the Quilter made for us!
He came and spoke to our guild
( and of course, stayed with me - cuz my husband said he would cook.... Kevin knew it was safe!!)

and he left this top
and then he emailed me the block
and I promptly lost the information.
BUT!!  Never fear

I also have used this block - with my 30's prints Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015 so I can tell you what I used!

Are you ready?

A close up of the quilting 

Hope you all had a great week
I was sorta shocked to find out that yesterday was Thursday, not Tuesday
..... sigh!

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