Saturday, November 03, 2018

Hiking in the Open Space

Did you know that tonite we do our Daylight Savings time thing?? That means that I will be all messed up for a week or two.... Which, well, if you know me, you might just say that is a permanent condition..... sigh....

So!  Remember last week when I showed you a tiny glimpse of one of our hikes?  well be prepared!!

I LOVE the Mountains, but I have to tell you.... the Plains are pretty awesome too!

We started out and walked into this canyon - it didn't look to Canyon-y until we kept going.... it was cool!
and the landscape started getting taller, and we felt smaller

which with a 6'6" and a 6'4" kid.... is kinda hard to do!

The rock formations were really breath taking

and the weeds
I am pretty sure these are weeds
but they attracted bugs and butterflies
so - they are all right in my book! 

as we came out of one canyon
the clouds that were building were so cool

and yes - we kept an eye on them, and the distance to our truck
There have been times these turn into amazing lightening storms

this little butterfly was a model
He sat there for so long while I tried to sneak around him to get a photo

and of course

This in our world, needs to be pulled
in open space
we can't touch it

and the clouds kept growing

It was just a cool hike
and so pretty

The temps were cool, and the sun was just enough - so you didn't feel burned

If you want to see more.... just click on one of the photos - and it will take you to my Whole Album of photos from that day ;-)



julieQ said...

Looks like home to me...around Delta, Western slope is my old home. So glad you had fun!

Vicki in MN said...

Wonderful photos! That last one is just begging for a quilt to be in the pic by the fence:)

Libby in TN said...

Lovely walk. Anvil clouds are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Terri said...

Gorgeous landscapes! I love the one with the butterfly! Any one of these pictures would be a great landscape quilt. Have you ever thought about making one? I can see lots of straight line quilting in the rocks area.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Sue said...

I love the beauty of Colorado you captured

Jo said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. It looks like an amazing place.

Farm Quilter said...

The beauty and variety of topography in America is so amazing. The rock formations are amazing as are the clouds. Not living anywhere close to where tornadoes are common, that anvil cloud really caught my attention (thank you, Weather Channel)! I love seeing pieces of Colorado through the lens of your camera!!