Saturday, November 10, 2018

Fall In Colorado

In September - the colors start to change and the mountains get Ah! Mazing!!

So my other half and I headed up to the mountains and decided to see if we could hike to the continental Divide.... We did, and it sorta didn't look like I thought it would.... I did not stand on a precipice and look left to see the western half of the us, and turn right to see the eastern half....

but it was still pretty cool!

See those rocks up there in the distance?  at the top of the photo? That is where we were heading - 

pretty cool right?

See - we have a little bit of help in our climb by the drive.... which is good - I hadn't packed that much chocolate!  ( and I wasn't driving so it was safe for me to take photos thru the windshield)

The colors change at all sorts of different rates - depending on where you are, the elevation, how much moisture they got, how fast it got cold.....   We took a random guess and hoped we would see some color!

I personally LOVED it!!

as we hiked the color changes got more variegated

and you saw larger patches

and we got on our trail and our goal became this rock ( above)

It has a name - I just can't remember it at the moment - and WM is outside doing chores, and if I holler and ask he will make me go outside..... so I will ask and tell you in my next hiking post.....

PS the temps are dropping outside, we are supposed to get snow tonite, and I am already warm.... so you know!

I just loved the contrast between the green trees, the reds and the Rocks

Oh and this!! THIS is what the trail looked like almost the WHOLE way

I guess when you are going up to the Divide, the trail really does mean up
My legs got a workout
as well as my lungs!


Kate said...

Looks like you got lots of great photo opportunities as well as a very nice work out.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Beautiful! Not sure I have ever hiked all the way to the Continental Divide - that's quite an accomplishment!

Salmagundi said...

From one Coloradan to another --- thanks for posting your pictures. I've never been a hiker, but have seen some incredible sights in Colorado over the years. We wouldn't live anywhere else!!

Vicki in MN said...

The hike sounds amazing, but I'd be out of breath, LOL

Farm Quilter said...

You certainly did get in your workout!! That is quite the climb. What is the distance of the hike and the difference in elevation between where you started and when you got to the top? Makes me miss my backpacking days! Gorgeous pictures!

Sue in Scottsdale, AZ said...

Gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Pat said...

Beautiful photos. Such a gorgeous area. Thanks for sharing!