Monday, March 27, 2017

Cats Cats Cats... its now a complete top!!

My little cat quilt is coming right along!  This is a quilt that a client asked me to make, based on the colors of her front room. 

I had a lot of fun choosing fabrics with her, and imagining what the cats would look like.  We both loved the way the Batik fabrics made such a difference in each cat.

As a matter of fact, some of the colors in the batiks changed so much in just one piece of fabric, that I could get 2 different cats out of it, and you couldn’t tell it was the same piece!

Here is my "Cats Cats Cats" in progress:

AS I made them, they were fun to start placing on the wall - and envision where I was going with it!

And all of my "Cats"  up on the wall. They place together pretty nicely. My cats in real life, try to trip me on a regular basis - they make me look clumsy!

I had some Batik Strips left over,

and so.... what any good quilter does... ( Okay you can laugh now, I am not always this disciplined)  I made them into a border!!

And now.... I will quilt it!!
So you will see it one more time before it goes to its own home!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

the Wild Animal Sanctuary - Big Cats!

While I have been busy stitching up smaller cats Click here to see them - we may have taken a drive to visit the BIG CATS!!

I know we have posted about it before, but I just LOVE seeing these animals. The Wild Animal Sanctuary  is just an amazing place, and the people that work and volunteer there have THE biggest hearts!!

This time - I shared... sort of.... I let my LittleBit use one of my cameras for his own photos.... and sadly, he did way better that I did ........

We didn't get there till afternoon, Yes, we still had our own chores to do.
So I am thinking that it was getting close to dinner for this cat
( this is my best image of the day!)

LittleBit captured this one - 
He said it reminded him of home.... The lady napping, the man hungry.
Needless to say - LittleBit did not earn ice cream for that comment!

 This is his example of a head shot!
What do you think - is he ready to go pro??

This one was my absolute favorite of the day
It was 65 degrees, breezy, and these lions were totally taking advantage!!

Isn't he gorgeous?
This one flew right over us as we were on the walkway
PS - the walkway is above the animals, so that we don't disturb them in any way
and ! it is 1 and 1/2 miles long - so you get your exercise in!

This little guy was hilarous!!
He did not want any other animal in his housing area to come near him.
He yapped and yelled each time one came close
and Little Bit caught him mid yap!

We enjoyed our trek into the wild, and love seeing the way these animals heal up!

You may have noticed that you can now comment on my copyrighted blog via Bloglovin
I am asking you to please  - click the original post button - come see my original
and comment here.

I can't interact with you, or be a part of a community that way - and I have no way of knowing who comments, unless I go check bloglovin regularly.  

I love to use it as a blog reader,
but I am very uncomfortable with them taking my original material and photos and re-hosting it.

Thanks for listening ;-)

Saturday, March 18, 2017

My reds are growing!

I am keeping up!! Happy Dancing all around!


I still have some red squares left!!

See that there - 18 blocks for the 18th of March ( I hope - I sure can lose days in my head!)

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Enjoy your Saturday!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Quilts of Valor Colorado

I hope you are ready to add some Quilts to your Bucket list!
I tell you we have been very very busy!

This first quilt is a pattern that was on the Moda Bake Shop site
Mary worked it over and made it QOV size 
and I am in LOVE!!

She showed it to us at our meeting and I immediately said
Can I Quilt it?
So I did - with lots of stars!!

You may remember my Dear Harriet Tribute?
She made this Quilt top with lots of our Wonky Star Block Drive Blocks
So I quilted it up so Her daughter could bind it, and we will have it at the Funeral

This yummy beauty was made by Ethel
Ethel and Harriet have always been my quilty heros ( and friends)
I quilted some fun paisleys on it

This is the back - isn;t it cute!!

These two quilts were made by our amazing quilting Duo  - 
Connie and Kathy!!

These two were made by:
Connie  (left)
Marilyn ( right)
and Quilted by Connie

Both of these were quilted by Connie
The one on the right was pieced by her
on the Left pieced by Deb

These two were both by Connie
She was quite busy wasn't she?
We think that she might be the Superman ( woman) of quilting

These last two were created by the amazing Judy!
This is sort of funny - her son in law teaches at our school, 
so he is our quilt mule!
When she can't come to Sew group - she sends her quilts with him
and I meet him after school to pick them up
Here's the best part  
the Office Staff of the school can't wait to see what Judy has created
and I think.... I have one of them convinced to start stitching with us ;-)

Love that full circle!!
 Alright Quilters!!
Go Forth and Quilt!!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Cats Cats Cats

Every so often I am asked to make a Quilt for that special someone in a Clients Life .

This time it is a Cat Quilt!!   And I love it... She sent me photos of the room she wanted it for. So I did a little shopping to find fabrics we thought would look great in that room..

 This is the first grouping of fabrics, then we decided we better add a few more bright ones in there ( well at least bright for batiks)

I got to making Cats!!! Aren't these adorable? I am having so much fun with them. Who knew your job could make you smile - ha ha

Now I am the cat Factory!!

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

More Rainbow Reds

I had a thought.... yep - that was me, I caused the earth to shake a little....

I wondered if ( at least for this week) I could make at least one block a day for the Rainbow Challenge.....

As of the 10th of March - here is what I have finished:

How did it do??? And.... I have a lot more pieces cut up to make more... just now sure how many more quite yet..... hmmmm

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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Harriet - A Tribute

Last week one of our own passed away.

I was trying to find the best way to honor her, and Jeff ( from QOV) encouraged me to tell you about her!

Harriet was amazing -

Thirteen years ago I got involved in Quilts of Valor.  I had attended our local Quilt guild maybe once or twice, and I had even made one Quilt ( however, looking back on the way I finished it, I'm not sure it still qualifies as a quilt) - So that totally made me a quilter right?

I did have a long -arm machine - so that doubly qualified me as a true quilter right?

But I digress....

Our fifth grade , my son was a 5th grader, decided to get involved with me in Quilts of Valor - and we had a blast. We pieced 10 quilts, we quilted them, and then we learned that we were supposed to bind them properly.

So! I took them to the Quilt Guild, proudly showed them at Show and Tell, and then sheepishly asked if anyone could teach me to bind.  Harriet didn't even hesitate - she said bring them to me and I will teach you.... and so she did!

She might have also bound a few as she was teaching me, cuz I might have been slow.... and resistant to learning how to bind... and that began our relationship.

She encouraged me to start a stitching group just for QOV"s and she never failed to show.

She came to every award ceremony, she traveled with me when she could to Various Military Posts.

She was a military wife, and she knew what had to be done.

She has pieced and bound more Quilts of Valor than I can remember. And she was always there with a smile and hug.  She was called an Angel by some of our Vietnam Veterans, as her hugs were truly healing.

Her granddaughter ended up being in my class the next year when we made Quilts of Valor, and she jumped right it.  It has been so fun to watch Harriet, her daughter and granddaughter come to QOV and work together on these quilts.

Outside of quilting we were friends as well. She was at just about every track meet, to watch her grand-kids - which made her watch my kids as well. That was always a fun way to see her. I will tell you - she is a little competitive ;-)

She and her husband were a part of a  Military Camping group, and she invited me to come talk to them about our QOV work. This group just loved her and her husband so much. It was encouraging to see that people from all walks of life, yet served in the military, could become as close as family. And because I was Harriet's friend I was welcomed right in.  They will miss them too.

This is still my favorite part of Harriets Spirit though - see that smile. She LOVED hugging our Veterans, and LOVED making the Quilts for them.  She just always had a smile for everyone!

You will be missed my dear.....

Saturday, March 04, 2017

March Rainbows - Red

The March color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge has been announced!


As you all know - I don't have a scrap of red around here
Okay! Pick yourselves up and stop laughing!!

I dig inot my 5 inch squares to see what I could see.

Do you know how hard it is ( for me) to see red all alone?  

I think I only see it in Red White and Blue - 
so I can't promise how this scrappy month will go.....

Here is my start!
The dashes are those funky fabrics that read red, but you really don't know what they should be?
I think they work here ;-)

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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

March 2017 One Monthly Goal and UFO

Psst   Psst  ... Did you know today was March 1st????

That means I was supposed to have sat with my calendar and gotten the month all planned out, and had a few dinners planned.... and Looked for my One Monthly Goal......

I'm ready now!   Welcome to the First of March!!!

This is my OMG/UFO for the month -
First - it needs to be pressed - really really good
Second - It needs a back. I saved all the scraps so I want to use them in the backing
Third - it needs to be Quilted
Fourth ( the scary part) it must be bound.....

This quilt is called Tortilla Strips
It is an Atkinson Design Pattern
It is about 60ish by 80ish   - You can see I really don't want to commit right?? ha

Wish me luck.....

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