Monday, May 04, 2015


This is Babysitter Cow
all the other Mama's are out eating and drinking and having a good time - 
and she is watching the babies ( there's 4 - look real close at the white baby)

I needed a Babysitter Cow when my babies were little - 
now I need the Cook Cow, the Laundry Cow, the Milk Cow ( get it?? )

My babies are too big and they eat everything in sight!
Maybe I even need a grocery shopper cow!

This rooster was flirting with me!!
Yep - He must have thought I had corn

But I didn't 

So he ran off'd with another

and left me in the dust .... sort of like these tall boys

and because all my worker cows have abandoned me....
My fabric is lonely.... *sigh*

Do you feel sad for me yet? ( tee hee hee)


The Colorful Fabriholic said...

Thanks for sharing glimpses into your ranch life! Love your photos, especially the rooster.

Terri said...

Your pheasant pics are amazing. I don't feel sorry for you... look at all that sunshine!
Sounds like you did your job as a Mom and now the little guys are out trying their own wings. Good job.

Kate said...

Fun post. A babysitter cow would have been a lot of fun when DT was little. At the moment we have our good-by rooster. He comes over every morning to say good-by to us as we each get in our car and drive off for the day.