Wednesday, November 21, 2012

QOV Show and a WINNER!!

Congratulations to Lisa !!!   I will be contacting you to get your address to send this wonderful PowerSpray (tm) Twin Turbo (tm) Shower head. 

For those of you who didn't win it - you can find it  from Waterpik

Oh and y the way Lisa?  That Tessellating Tree quilt? It would look wonderful in my house - just sayin'   Tee hee

On to the Quilt Show!!
This Red Beauty comes from Pat M in Denver - Pat both pieced it and quilted it and is a wonderful person. She always makes me feel right at home!!

This pattern is called the Not So Top Secret Project  and can also be found at Mary Quilts

This one is Made by Rosemary and Quilted by Lois Knight.  They make an impressive team. Check out that border!!

This one is made by Sharon E in Greeley. Sharon is a Blue Star Mom! She both Pieced and Quilted this one - the pattern is Bricks and Stepping stones by Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville .com

 The Next SEVEN quilts come from the Alpha Quilt Group in Oklahoma City!!  I think they were VERY busy. 

Isn't this one cool? I think they fussy cut each of those stars and pieced them in a Jelly Roll style quilt. I love the effect.

This one ( and the others like it ) is just too cool!!!   I studied it for a long time... I was having a moment, bonding with the quilt, when all of a sudden ! I realized this is a 4patch and it would make a GREAT leader ender quilt.... and of course that is a far as I have gotten with the idea.

Another beauty!!  It looks to me like the disappearing 4 patch pattern

And from the Pueblo Quilt guild in Pueblo Colorado - Pillowcases!!! I love them!!!  

Ummm - one of them has Maxine.... and they probably don't know this, but I LOVE Maxine. I think we might be sisters.... and my kids Died laughing when they saw this one....

Hope you all have a wonderful day, and a great Thanksgiving. You all have great plans - so enjoy the day. We will be running ( gasp) at o dark thirty -who knew??

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