Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Online Quilt of Valor Show

Happy Wednesday!!!  Time is flying way to fast this week! 

Are you ready for this weeks show?  I sure hope you got a chance to see some of the quilts with there owners  ( you can find them on this post )

So let's get inspired this week!!

This first beauty comes from Nancy in NY. I LOVE it!!! check out that border - isn't that cool?

These Two come from Paula in Colorado. This first one is pieced by Paula and quilted by Lori C.

This one was both pieced and quilted by Paula. Both of these are just wonderful!!!!

Does this quilt look familiar?
I do love it!! It was made by Beryl in Utah.
I think this was a mystery from MysteryQuilts4Military ( a yahoo group)

This one was made by Glenda... Glenda is Vicki's Mom!  She trained her well!!

And this one was made by Vicki!!!
( the Tall Sir from Yesterday's post - LOVED this one!!)

The next two quilts were pieced by Nancy in Wyoming.
This one is called Fly Away Home and was quilted by Gail in Montana

And this one was quilted by Gail as well.
Nancy is on a HUGE roll!!
These are Quilts of Valor #18 and #19 for the year!!!

I received a Thank you.....

My name is G. M. and I was honored to be the recipient of your beautiful quilt. The colors are vibrant and happy and lift me up every day when I see it. It also makes me think of the vibrant person you must certainly be and what I aspire to be every day. 

This Thank you was for a quilt that Adele D Made... so Adele - I am popping this in the mail to you tomorrow.... thank you for helping her to heal!!

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