Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Many things

I am discovering that I am a little bit of a picture crazed person . And I need some organization of said photos - or when Ieave my computer to my children they are going to wonder what some of these photos are......

First off - we have my oldest - in president mode. He is the current year president of NHS ( Nat'l Honor society) and he resembles me! We both talk with our hands! Although I think he is much better.... I shake still!

This is the whole crew of NHS people - it is a large group!! 

And then we have robotics. My younger Two and their team were at robot inspection.
There were 58 teams and their robot design took 4th place - not to shabby!

This is not the whole team, but some had to leave... our team took third overall - again they were tickled.  

Oh Look!    A quilty picture!! Surprise!! This is a corner of a quilt I am working on. I love little flutterbys!!

It's the Beatles!!!   This is how you know we live in the country ( tee hee) The boys had to be in Denver for a convention. They saw these guys are were sure they were Beatle Impersonators. So they asked for a picture.... turns out... the were the Valet's for the hotel.  We died laughing over that!!
So - while I am eating breakfast this morning and comtemplating a run ( its only 20 outside) I am going to organize my pictures - oh! And maybe label them!!! That;s an idea~~

You all stay warm!


Gypsy Quilter said...

Big congratulations on winning the robotics trophy. That's fantastic.

I'm sure by the time you're done labeling your photos it will have warmed up a bit. Good plan.

Ranch Wife said...

Congratulations to your oldest on being NHS president and to your robotic boys - very impressive! If I labeled and sorted all of my pictures, I would have to live to be 357. I need to get better about deleting some. After all, I don't need 12 pictures of the birdhouse covered in snow. :) I think it'll hit 60 today. I'll run...or more accurately, trot, then. :)

LizA. said...

Congrats on raising such a great kid!

Beatles, valets---same difference, right?!?

As for your photos --learn how to use photo tags. Picasa is probablyt the easiest for assigning tags but just about all the photo editing/organizing programs give ou the option of tags.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Awesome family! Awesome talents!

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Pat R. said...

The boys, once again, have excelled!! No big surprises there, so, congratulations Big, Middle, and Little!!
I'm loving your flutterbys....you have done such a great job!!