Sunday, January 02, 2011

Stash Report

I admit - I have always wanted to do these - but then think about how Numerically challenged I am and then set myself up for failure. And then I know I use a lot of fabric that is all scraps, and a lot that is given to me. So I am just assuming that all of the fabric in this house is my *stash* . If i give it away for someone to make a QOV - I am counting that too - cuz it's my report and my momma says I can.

But first - I had to beg Wrangler Man to help me set up a little spreadsheet. I am amzed at the things Excel can do - I have been doing things the old 1990's way - Hunh! Technology ( and learning about it) can make things faster.... who knew.

So for my first stash report:

Used This Week : 5 yards
Used YTD  :         5 yards
Added this week:  0
Added YTD:          0
Net used for 2011:   5 yds

Go to Judy L's to see what others have done.


Barb in Mi said...

Welcome to stash report - and yes, you can do it! You make your own rules and whatever works for you is fine. Happy sewing!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Stash report is already looking great! And yes, I would count all that you have as your stash....your the one using it after all, even if it is for others!

Excel is WONDERFUL! What would we do without stuff like that? Lose our scraps of paper our notes were on, that is what! (You don't have to ask me how I the answer to that one!)


SpinningStar said...

Great start - and I agree with Barb to make you own rules about what gets counted coming in and going out.

It's not often we can make the rules!


Tamera said...

It will really be exciting to see how much fabric passes through your hands!

Anonymous said...

Care to share your spreadsheet?

Sarah said...

Welcome to Stash Busting! Even if I don't use as much fabric as I would like to (work gets in the way), its interesting to see how much fabric I actually use.

This year, I'm going to make a scrap quilt from 2.5" squares. I'm attempting to sew 56 squares together per week, which will get me using 1/4 yard of fabric every week. Small milestones are great! :-)

Kathie said...

Glad you are joining us with our stash report. How ever you report it does help keep things in control a bit just because you are more aware of how much you are bringing in the house.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Oh, you may find how addicting and HELPFUL it is to keep track of your stash's ins/outs. I ended up feeling guilty when I purchased fabric when I really didn't need to last year. I'll be excited to follow your progress in 2011!

Lori said...

I'm math challenged--my spreadsheet is a pencil and piece of paper. I measure my quilt--pick a number (I figure a queen size quilt with backing and binding uses 22 yards) and viola~a number to use in my stash report! The stash report sure keeps an eye on my purchases.