Wednesday, July 31, 2019

A New Mystery For Quilts of Valor

Oh it is getting that time - that time when we need to have way more projects than is expected, and way more fun things to do - and so!!! 

A9 - A new QOV Mystery will be starting soon!!!

I will post Fabric Requirements on Wednesday August 21st 

That will give you 2 weeks to root around, dig through the stash, hit the quilt shops , borrow from you neighbors ( ha ha)

and the First Clue will be Posted on September 4th - right after labor day, so you can get started!!

Remember I like fun anf quick quilts, and I like to have less that a few hours a week invested... so that is still my plan - to make this fun, easy and no stress. and for all of you who have stressful jobs.... maybe it will even be relaxing to you to cut some fabric and sew a little each week!

Just look at all the smiles from the Quilts of Valor already awarded!!

And if you are wanting to get ahead.... Remember I love RED WHITE and BLUE!!  Ha ha


Elaine M said...

Great photo of all the smiles with their quilts. I'm ready for the mystery, have a nice box of RW&B scraps and FQs. Have a great day!

Caroline said...

The second quilt from the right, with the gold there a pattern or name for it?

Farm Quilter said...

Did the horse get a QoV too?? Now you have me thinking about making a quilted saddle blanket to put over the blah brown one I use for my boy!!!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

I plan to sew along this time around. ☺ You can borrow from friends??? ha ha ha ha ha

The Joyful Quilter said...

Maybe I can actually quilt along, this time. (Hey! I can dream!!)