Friday, July 12, 2019

Random Ranch Shots

Just some Random Ranch shots to tide you over until I have quilty things to show.... 

Our night skies....
Sometimes they can be so dramatic...  they just want your attention... sorta like kids ha ha

My Thistle
It is now removed - they are not good for our pastures, but I still think they are pretty
Please don't tell Wrangler man
He will kick me off the place!

I was trying to show you the mountains - but there is a little bit of haze
and I used my cell phone
I keep getting these ads about cell phone Photography classes
and they claim the photos are just as good as your DSLR...
I might disagree sometimes
This one definitely would have been better with my Big camera

My freshly mown fire break - and my barn ( and yes - I still need to weed whack those last weeds... shhhhh...)

My stubborn dog. 
He has decided that walking and being outside is *just not his thing*
He makes it a bout 1/4 of the way down the road and just stops!!!

It does not make mailing things at the mailbox easy
But I am more stubborn than him
and so far...
have gotten him down the road!
The boys laugh at me and say Mom - he is so stubborn
he sits with us and WON"T move!

Maybe he know I have the treats??

Have a happy Day!!
Quilt away


The Joyful Quilter said...

You have a barn quilt!!! :o))

Kevin the Quilter said...

LOLOLOL Stubborn dog eh......LOLOL I love your photography!!!! Someone needs her 1 year photos coming up!

WeedyMama said...

If you miss your thistle, come on down! (I don't pasture anything, so that part isn't a problem, and I don't care if the deer have a tough time with them.) Thistle is shoulder high, and the poison hemlock is over my head! Never ending war...... on this little range.

Love the night sky. Very interesting color study.

betty-NZ said...

It looks like a great place you have there. I, too, find thistles and such weeds quite pretty, but keep it between us :)

Kate said...

I like thistles too, we see them on the side of the road around here. My Guy, farm boy that he is, doesn't like them either. Nice shots, love your oh so blue sky. We've reached the time of year that the heat and humidity make the sky look almost white during mid day.