Friday, July 19, 2019

The Dirty Life - a Book Review

Guess what?
I do not have a quilt to show you finished

I finished a book!!

This book really intrigued me.
Kristin was a freelance writer who was sent out to interview this man about his farm life,
and she falls in love and this books is the story of  what follows.

I have to be honest
We sorta live this way!

So it was intriguing to me to learn about how she perceived things,
what she learned,
and what she could accomplish 
on their farm

The story is about how she and Mark start a farm, a new life, and a way of life they offer to others.
I truly loved it.

One of the things that made us laugh the most - 
she talked about eating fresh lettuce right out of the field,
and how Mark loved the center of it.

My dear husband is a HUGE gardener
He grows amazing lettuce

He picks it regularly
and I make him eat the outside 
and I take the inside !!

I understood Mark at that moment!

The book emphasizes the Farm to Table movement that is becoming all the rage.
That tons of us live day to day!
And it makes you proud to be that rancher/Farmer

My son and I have been playing around with my Business banner

It's fun right?


Kate said...

Thanks for the review. We've given up on buying heads of lettuce, we never use them up before they go bad.

Julie said...

Thanks for the review. This is my life! We moved here from Portland to take over my husband's family farm. It was a tough adjustment. I am going to read this book, most of my reading is quilt related novels! LOL

Quiltdivajulie said...

Great post!

Farm Quilter said...

I'm kinda with Kate on the lettuce. The only one that I can eat to the end is butter lettuce that still has the roots attached. I've tried to get those roots to grow when I'm done, but no success yet!! I'm looking forward to eventually going home to the farm I live on and growing a huge garden. Even though canning can suck up the days, I love seeing and using the results of my labor!!

Jane Dallmeyer said...

I, too must read this book. I was raised on a farm with lots of farming family. My son and daughter in law farm today. They have passed on to their 2 sons the work ethic of farm life. I planted a small strip garden this year, but I have lost my onions to the weeds......I’d rather play with fabric and quilt than garden...