Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Quilts of Valor

Oh it has been a while since I have shared some of our Groups Quilts of Valor

That is not for lack of making them
That is for lack of taking photos!!

Who is addicted to her camera
has not picked it up since that last wedding she shot
and has been using her cell phone!!!

I need to FIX that!!

These are 4 of the latest we have finished!
There are more than that... we have a Request list of 60 Veterans
I believe I have a quilt for each one of them 
We are just awaiting Presentation dates!!

is that not insane!
and that is just Northern Colorado

I love that word has spread
but I would have thought that after all these years
( read 14)
I would not have as many Veterans left to award quilts to

Its awesome!!


KaHolly said...

It IS pretty awesome! They are all wonderful. I made my first QOV last winter and I’m hooked! I’m looking forward to my next winter QOV (when 8m in Tx and have access to fabric shops). As a matter of fact, I just ordered some patriotic backing on Etsy yesterday. An impulse buy, but I fell in love with it. It will be waiting for me when I return, along with the beautiful panel my daughter bought for me to embellish. Your group is very inspirational.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Those are wonderful and if I had choose a favorite...
I think I'd have to say that Friendship Star with the X block lattice. LOVE that quilt!!

Preeti said...

Each one is different and ever so handsome!!!

Pat said...

It is awesome! Tomorrow is our QOV sew day! Thanks for sharing your quilts.

Farm Quilter said...

My dad loves his QoV!! Has it on his bed and when he went to the hospital 2 weeks ago, he had me bring it to him for his bed there!! It means so much to the veterans!!!

Kate said...

Beautiful QOVs. It is a bit awe inspiring that with all the QOVs being made there are still vets who don't have one yet.