Monday, December 30, 2013

The last Design Wall of 2013

That kind of sounds ominous, but it is not supposed to be....

I am still working on Scraps... So far I have 4 13 1/2 ish pink and whit blocks. These are all leftovers from the Carolina Christmas Quilt we did with Bonnie Hunter a little bit ago. ( please do not remind me how many years it has been.... I am trying to have a proud moment lol)

The stuff on the left is scraps from another quilt.... I am just playing with those and using them as leader/enders. Who know what that will turn out like.

Back to the pink and white..... I have a PLAN!

Sort of... I am not 100% sure how many little half square triangles I have left, and if I don't have enough - then the plan will change... if I have too many.... I may have to have a piece of chocolate and contemplate.
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BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I'm loving the orange fabric block.

Amy said...

You got me inspired all over again!
During my marathon sewing day today, I came across the baZILLION of bonus triangles from that mystery too! (I THINK it was that mystery)...
Anyway, your blocks are ADORABLE!!! I'll have to borrow that idea from you and have at 'er tomorrow! Whoop-whoop.

Tami C said...

A piece of chocolate will inspire us all! Good luck with the pinks!

Kate said...

When dealing with scraps a flexible plan and chocolate are very good places to start.