Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Presentations by Liz

My dear Liz has been a life saver and an inspiration this year... ( okay for more than this year) She is a force- a whirlwind-  Not only does she piece, she quilts.... and she made two Key Presentations this last month.

I think you remember- we had some great press, and a lot of requests came in. Liz filled two of these and we would like to show you.

 This dear Veteran was so excited that he would receive a Quilt of Valor. He was so tickled - that he called after receiving it telling me how WONDERFUL the people were that came to present the QOV to him!!

Liz and her Husband did the presentation. Kent is so supportive! Plus he is a master Long arm Mechanic (not sure that;s really a term but I bet you know what he does!)

 And then Kent and Liz did a second presentation. They were so tickled to meet this Veteran. He was so happy.
I hope you like seeing some of these presentations. I sure appreciate the chance to Honor our Veterans-and I so appreciate Liz and Kent for doing these presentations. We have just the best Quilters don't we?

Dec 1st Photo a Day: Prompt: Red


KaHolly said...

Gives me goosebumps!!

Magoo47 said...

YES! Absolutely love to see pictures of the presentations - it's inspiring!

Kevin the Quilter said...

I never tire of seeing Veterans receiving their QOV's! It always makes me smile!

Tami C said...

Thank you Liz for all you do for our veterans!!!

Liz Davis said...

It is absolutely my pleasure to do presentations. It is a humbly experience and with Kent and me both being veterans, we never leave without some tears. Thanks again Alycia for the opportunity. Anytime you need a hand, just call of the Davis'!

Anonymous said...

Great Quilts, Liz. Thank you for presenting to our vets.
Keep up the great work and Alycia, your blog is so inspiring and I love it.