Sunday, December 29, 2013

Quilt of Valor Show

There is a LOT of Quilty Eye Candy in today's Quilts of Valor show!
I would suggest a little bit of chocolate
and a nice beverage.....

Our first quilt today comes from Sally T in VA
Those trees are so cool!
But check out the backing
It is a custom dyed backing from VIcki Welsh - don't you just love it? 

Kind of makes it a two sided quilt!

This next quilt comes from Beryl in UT

I think it might have been a mystery quilt?

This is Beryl's second quilt ( that she sent in this time - not in her total quilt life)
It is a pattern from
(disclaimer - I have one in process.... Beryl totally beat me)

All the rest of the Quilts in today's show come from Jessie in Louisana,
I tell you Jessie is one busy quilter!

I think the one below came from a Fons and Porter magazine - but I can not really remember.....

These Log Cabin Quilts with the Eagles in the Center were big hits with my kids. AND with the guys on post.

One soldier kept telling me to keep one of these for him. He was helping me do other stuff, and knew he qualified for a Quilt of Valor..... he just had to help me first.  It was sweet.

I like how they are all different - yet similar...

Didn't Jessie do a Lovely job?

Again - I thank you for visiting and for seeing the Beautiful quilts that will go to cover our wounded. And I thank you for all your help in accomplishing this goal! 

This will be the last QOV post for 2013 - I hope you have enjoyed them all - you can always go back and see all of the posts using QOV 2013 as the search ... or click this link:


Anonymous said...

One of my goals for 2014 is to make a quilt of valor for donation.

Tami C said...

Thank you for sharing all of those beautiful QOV quilts!

Kate said...

Another set of gorgeous quilts! Thanks for sharing.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Always such wonderful inspiration! I love those log cabin block quilts! WOW!