Monday, December 02, 2013

Cyber Monday??

I did the Cyber Monday thing this morning.... my computer is all worn out! I think it would like me to go sew now!

I even have some Quilts for Sale.  They can be found at this link:

Today is quiet around our house - my oldest has gone back to college, the other two are back in school ( albiet very RELUCTANTLY) , my dogs are all tired, the horses are enjoying the last warm day ....

I have been editing, and organizing photos - its quite fun. I do Family and Senior Photography, as well as events ( like sports) so I am trying to get those to all of the locations they are supposed to go AND! I am even beating all the deadlines - go me!

Check out this little cutie.... she really makes me want another one... Wrangler Man says No - spoil sport...

She is adorable ;-)

Seriously - does she not make your heart go pitter patter?

This little angel is just so sweet - and a total Daddy's girl.... although she is a Momma's girl too - smart cookie!

The whole family. aren't they sweet?

Enjoy your day!!! Happy Shopping  ;-)


Terri said...

nothing brings a smile to your face quite like a baby...
Thanks for sharing.

Tami C said...

Baby smiles are the best!

Kate said...

Ahhh, so cute!