Friday, December 06, 2013

All the way to the Finish

This Quilt has made it's way to a Forever Home.

There is a Healing place here in Colorado called Combat Veterans Cowboy Up - CVCU for short.... or for me - Cowboy Up....

It is seriously an amazing place, and A LOT of healing from the wounds of war happen here.

Recently on a cold snowy day, one that made most wimpy people stay inside.... this wimpy  person and her family headed out to "Hang out with the Guys and Girls" and we all froze. But it was SO pretty.

We try really really hard to make sure each and every one of these Veterans know that we care for them - and of course - the way I like best - is with a Quilt of Valor....

Can you guess how you will know it is cold?  We stood outside of the barn - cuz we were cooking steaks in the barn... and you can NOT get in the way of a steak dinner (grin) ..... okay - really the light was better.
He LOVED snuggling up in his quilt, I loved it too - it was much warmer that way!!

You might remember this quilt? We did a block drive here on the blog, using Bonnie Hunters Scrappy Trips pattern ( with her permission)  and then we put the tops together at a sew day.

 I actually quilted it... and... sit down for this one... are you ready......   I *bound* it.... I did - truly... and I did not go into anaphylactic shock... although I did require a lot of chocolate.

The best part - we all warmed up by the fire.... after the kids had snowball fights!!

Combat Veterans Cowboy Up is a total Non profit 501(c)3 that serves our Veterans. They currently house 20 horses all used for therapy, and are funded through donations and help s good hearted people.

If you would like to donate to this you can do so through Paypal or sending a check. It is tax - deductible. has a *donate now* button at the bottom of the page. And seriously folks - every $5 helps.  ( can you imagine the feed bills for 20 horses?  I have half that many and its crazy!!)

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Terri said...

Yous is good peeps!

Tami C said...

It is so generous of you to give so much of yourself for our veterans. Thank you!

Joanie's Trendy Quilts said...

What a great blog message! How wonderful to present such a fantastic and wonderful quilt to a veteran who is in the healing process! What a big heart you must have!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Such a good girl! You are definitely going to be on Santa's nice list for all of the good you do! You even bound it! WOW!!!!!!!

Liz Davis said...

Alycia, you are so awesome. I hope you and all of your "boys" have a great Holiday.

Kate said...

What a cool place that fills such a need.

Val's Creative Life said...

Perfect post to rejuvenate!