Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Stash Report

I think my stash report is looking okay - not much done this week as compared to others - but I will take it

Fabric In this Week:    0
Fabric Out This Week:   6.5 yards ( my Jacobs ladder quilt a long - found here)  and 1/2 yard for center of string blocks.

Fabric In YTD ( Purchased by me)    56.8 yards
Fabric in YTD ( given to me)             164 yards
Total Fabric In                                   220.795 yards
Fabric Out YTD:                               394.42 yards

Total fabric BUSTED YTD:         173.62 Yards

I have been rearranging my Long Arm Room a little bit. Because I am downstairs a lot, I thought maybe I could set up a little sewing area down there and set it up with strings. That was it doesn't have to be moved when another quilt project comes up. I'll let you know how productive it am   ( plus its next to the fridge that has the Dr Pepper!!)

We have been spending a bit of time North East of us, and I thought this was a cool thing to take a picture of.....

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BunkHouseQuilts said...

Production should go way up being that close to the Dr. Pepper!! That windmill brings back lots of memories. When I grew up, Dad had a windmill that pumped into a holding trough, it was deep enough we used to swim in it! We would float there and look up and the windmill turning round and round.

SpinningStar said...

It seems like you should be able to get a lot done at that machine, especially with the fabric there, ready to be pieced.

Kathie said...

Well my vice is Diet Coke but I have one of those small dorm refrigerators down near the sewing room. Saves my knees from to much running up and down the stairs

Pat R. said...

I like your idea of the sewing machine next to the Dr. Pepper! I have 3 sewing machines set up downstairs where my longarm is...and.....I have a wet bar that is filled with more quilty stuff, plus a small frige, microwave, and a water filter machine that gives me hot/cold/room temp. I've been trying to use up stash, and if you've seen the photos of my fabric storage room, you know I have a lot of work to do! Keep up the good work!!