Thursday, October 06, 2011

Quilt of Valor Deliveries

This has been a great Quilt of Valor week!!! Monday, I was invited to lunch with three Women Marines. They were totally awesome - one served during Korea, one during Vietnam, and the other during peace times. They are going to honor 3 marines injured in the line of duty, and so we picked 3 Quilts of Valor to award to them..... Wow!!! What women!!!

Tuesday, I spent the day with my new Chaplains. 2 of them are super new - as in - 3 weeks on duty.... so I trained them well *giggle*   They thought it quite funny that I have been there a lot longer than them ( this is our SEVENTH YEAR quilters - you are awesome!) 

We handed out 44 Quilts of Valor in total - 31 to the Wounded Warriors unit, and 13 in the hospital itself.   These Chaplains have their hands full and were just tickled to be able to hand these quilts out.  

They could not say enough good things about our quilts, and the ability to comfort a soldier. It was quite the honor quilters!!  They could not thank you quilters enough!!

Every month we are handing out Quilts and I try so very hard to update you here - but I have to say - I am not the best numbers person... I love the detail, but there is so much BIG stuff to take care of that I hope I don't forget.

That being said - our number are seeming to be pretty consistent at about 66 to 70 Quilts of Valor per month....all this to say - please don't leave me now!!

And to say THANK YOU for your support. These quilts truly do mean a lot, and are such a comfort to these Veterans. They are so amazed that some one really took this amount of time to make something for them.   I keep telling them - Quilters are awesome!!!


Impera Magna said...

How wonderful... there is something special about quilts and receiving one is extra special!

Thanks for all you do!

Sue in Scottsdale, AZ said...

Thank you for keeping us updated. I have 3 quilts all finished and several more in the works. They will be coming to you when all are finished - sometime after the 1st of the year. Keep up your good work. It is such a worthwhile cause.

Nancy said...

Thanks for this post. It is always good to hear how the quilts touch lives and have the power to heal.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news that you made the day of all the vets AND the Chaplains! The idea that we can still support almost 800 quilts a year is amazing. You have some wonderful quilter friends! :)

Shari in AZ