Saturday, October 15, 2011

Northwest Suburban Quilt Guild

The Northwest Suburban Quilt guild of Arlington Heights IL - is an AWESOME Group!!! They made a ton of Quilts of Valor, and they had a quilt show to show them off.... but the best part is - they sent some of them this way for me to ohh and ahhh over!!

Probably you think this might be work - but I assure you - IT IS NOT!!!

Now - here's the deal - this is NOT ALL of the Quilts - but I decided that I wanted you to ohh and ahh over each one, so you will have to come back for part 2 Of these awesome quilts.   Thank you NSQG - you people ROCK!!


Melanie said...

These are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

Cheryl Willis said...

what a blessing to work with such generous talented people!

Nancy said...

Outstanding! Great job, ladies.

Anonymous said...

Ladies you have so much talent! These are beautiful! I'd like to find the pattern for the last one. Can you share?

Shari in AZ

Kathie said...

All wonderful, the last one was particularly interesting to me.