Saturday, October 29, 2011

Power outages

Tuesday evening, the beautiful rain began falling, and Tuesday about chore time, it changed to snow, and when we woke up Wednesday morning.... there was SNOW .... everywhere.   And our poor trees were drooping, and the poor garden was flattened... and of course I have no pictures.

But! I did decide that I should go shake the snow off of the trees, and I did, from underneath the trees, and then I wore the majority of the snow.... but the trees are safe.

About 9 in the morning we lost power, and heat, and running water, and lights..... and I just assumed that the power would be on rather quickly. And I. was. wrong.

And do you know what country people with no lights what-so-ever do to entertain themselves?? Beware - I did take a few photos...

We told stories of Donkey and Shrek in the dark.... but the flash worked well!

And we pulled out the guitar and sang songs that we didn't quite know. I even have a video, however it is pitch black.

and we put longjohns on under our clothes and curled up on couches trying to stay warm.

Did I mention that it got to 13 degrees outside?
Thursday morning it was 45 in the house.
Thank goodness I am a quilter.... we used them ALL

And just about the time I was ready to give up and drive to town to sit at a starbucks, or the library, or even in the car to stay warm....

The power came back on!
Ta da

Don't forget - today is the last day to enter in the

I'll be back.....

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Impera Magna said...

Hate that y'all lost power but to resourceful folks... it's a chance to do some bonding!

Glad you got your power back... Starbucks is fine but there's no place like home!