Monday, October 03, 2011


Monday came Quick!!! I had all these plans to take all of Sunday and quilt and sew and quilt and eat chocolate.... but there were other things.....

We headed up northeast of us for a little recon mission, and I tell you the colors there were gorgeous. I always thought one had to head into the mountains to see the colors change so vividly... wrong. 

I am going to wow you with my great photographic instincts ( giggle) ready??

How about those clouds?

Out here the plains go forever - you can see any storm as it comes in... like this one, that caught us running back to the truck... when it rains - it RAINS!!

Doesn't the orange just stand out so starkly?

Oh the colors!

what a crew!

We made it back home in time to see this...

From our deck.
with our feet up.
with a cold glass of water in our hands.
wondering if we will ever get back to the sewing machine.


Needles, Fabric, Chisels, and Wood…Life is GOOD! said...

Glad to see I am not the only blogger drawn to the colors of the sky. I have always loved looking at the clouds but here in Vermont they just look different.
Love you photos!

Impera Magna said...

What lovely photos of all Nature in her glory.... winter's drabness will be here too soon so enjoy the fall colors while you can!

Amy said...

Gorgeous skies Alycia!!!!!!

Quilter Kathy said...

Those are gorgeous! What a beautiful world you have in your neck of the woods!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scenery! I love the greens in the trees....

How did the scouting trip go? See anything? Hunting season is upon us here - early goose now, archery deer, and soon full-blown duck season. I love going just so I can see the sights...God has blessed us so abundantly with nature!