Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Stash Report

I have been busy making quilt backs!! So this report looks good.... but next weeks should look even better ( Ihope!!)

I made 6 Quilt backs this week - all Quilts of Valor backings - cuz some of my wonderful long-arm friends are going to get them quilted for me.... there is just NOT enough time in the day anymore!!! I think they are getting shorter - at least thats my excuse

So the report:

Used this Week:       -24.167 yards
Used YTD:          -351.003

Added this week:                 0
Added/donated YTD:    207.29

Net BUSTED   :    -143.71 yards

But the even better news.... we made backs for 13 more QOV's today...and the borders for 2 tops, and finished a top... and bound 4 quilts..... thats gotta make a dent right?  

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Amy said...

It sounds like you will have alot of QOV quilts finished soon. So good that you have several friends that can help quilt.

Impera Magna said...

-351.003? Wow... how do you measure the fabric used that you get a number like that? *lol*

I'm thinking of doing the weekly stash report thing next year... not sure I can be that accurate...