Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Field Trip!!!

To the Cozy Cow Dairy!!! We got to go see cows get milked, and some babies, and then we headed in to their little store and got some goodies!

Did you know that Cheese Curds are not Cottage Cheese?  You Did? Well I guess I should have asked you then - cuz I learned today what they are. The folks at the Dairy called them squeaky cheese...
Here we are behind the glass plate watching the cows get milked.

See the Dairy man down there checking the cows? Those collection bottles hold 70 pounds of milk.  How many gallons will that make?  ( it takes about 8 pounds of milk per gallon)

The end of the milk line. Its a small dairy - they milk 5 cows at a time.
So how many gallons of milk does it take to make cheese?
5 gallons of milk will make about 5-6 pounds of cheese.

And then they had goats. This goat got the tie on my purse and pulled it.... little thief! He liked the bright green I think!

This dairy processes its own milk, ice cream, and cheese - so we had a snack. Best Chocolate milk EVER!!!

And just so you can't say I never taught you anything!!!


Needles, Fabric, Chisels, and Wood…Life is GOOD! said...

I know you share lots of quilting information, but I really enjoyed and learned something from you today that will probably be table conversation tonight. =0)

Impera Magna said...

I love field trips... esp to interesting places like this! What fun...

Pat R. said...

Yup....I know what cheese curds are. I used to milk anywhere from 3 to 5 cows and sold my milk to the cheese factory just about 2 miles away. What I had was called a 'grade B' dairy, but as years went by, the grade B dairies were eliminated and the cheese factories in the valley closed down. I have 4 of the milk cans that I used and they are now decoration around the yard. I bet the boys enjoyed this field trip...I know I enjoyed hearing about it and seeing your photos!!

Anonymous said...

That looks like fun! Wish we had something like that around here that I could take the kids to.

And yes, I learned quite a bit from you today!


Gypsy Quilter said...

I miss the taste of really fresh milk. Once I had a waitress job in a restaurant where the dairy barn was right next door. The only problem was the mice invaded the kitchen regularly. Thanks for sharing your adventures. I do believe your boys have grown another inch since the last photo op - LOL!

Amy said... I'm craving those fresh, teeth-squeaking cheese curds! Living in Wisconsin (the Dairy State), yup....know and LOVE cheese curds. A big State Fair standard up here: deep-fried cheese curds. YUmmmm!

That was a fun field trip :0)