Friday, September 23, 2011

Fitness Friday

My Fitness challenge is coming to an end. I have one more week to finish up 10 miles of RuJoWa ing ... for those of you who don't know thats what we call my attempts at running - Running/Jogging/Walking..... and then collapsing!

A lot of you have said you would love to join in a challenge like this - well here is the link to the challenge that I participated in. 

I have no clue if they are going to do it another quarter or not - but I NEED to keep up with this. It is so easy for me to say - oh - I will just do a *little* bit more tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes people!!! It always turns into today - and today goes just way way way to fast for me.

Anyways - as of today I am at 90 miles, so wish me luck to keep it up - please !!!   Or maybe join me?


Melanie said...

Good luck! I know you can do it! Too bad you can't count "miles" you put on the longarm! :)

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

You're doing great! You definitely can do the 10 miles! I have 8 more to go to make my personal goal. We can do it!

And yes, it is so easy to make excuses NOT to do it, but it feels sooooo good after it's done!