Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A quilty Meeting with Gina

There is this awesome gal down in Longmont that has a bunch of quilty friends!! They have all gotten together and decided to make some Quilts of Valor. And they are just too cool.

I got a call from Gina asking if we could meet up - and then she wanted to meet at a fabric store - so Yes - double Yes!!! And we met up!! And she gave me some beautiful Quilts of Valor.... so sit back and enjoy!!

This is Gina

This quilt is called Odds and Ends, and was made by the Going To Pieces Quilt group of Longmont. It was quilted by Donna Smith

This one was made by the Longmont Quilt Guild and Quilted by Wendy Lewis
And so is the one right underneath,

This one was both Pieced and Quilted by Diane Blandy

This one was made by the Longmont Quilt guild.

And the last one she passed off to me was made by the Longmont Quilt guild and quilted by Donna Smith.

 Quite an industrious group I think!!! Thanks quilters - these Quilts of Valor will be loved - I know these things!!


Impera Magna said...

Someone(s) has(have) been VERY busy... what lovely quilts!

BunkHouseQuilts said...

Love looking at all your QOV's. Thanks once again for sharing.