Saturday, March 05, 2011

Purple Pineapple Progress

Otherwise known as the Flying Vortex - that is waht Wrangler Man has named it. He thinks it looks like crazy flying geese going into the Vortex of light.   I always wondered where my kids got their imagination from.... this must be where!

Progress has been made - the top is complete. And I am leaving it just like this - it measures 55 x 72... so a good enough size for me!
I tested putting Green borders around it, then maybe a purple border.
But it didn't like that - it was boring.

The back is made! This is all the leftover Purple. Cuz you all KNOW I did not want to add it back to my stash.... I have a stash report to do ya know!

And just to prove that I haven't been sitting on the couch eating bon bons (altho I am thinking some See's Peppermint patties do sound good) here is the one picture that is somewhat not blurry out of the 13 thousand that I took.

My oldest had a spring concert, and we had to hurry and leave school - go to swim practice, run back to our town, get changed and show up. His hair was only a little wet . He played the thingy he is playing on in the picture, the bongos, and the drum set.

Now I must go back to my list, it was a long list and I am determined to get a few things on it done. At least that was the plan 15 minutes ago, before I mentioned Chocolate - and now I am craving brownies. My MIL bought me a Trader Joes Gluten Free Brownie mix.... I should make that now shouldn't i?


Amy said...

yur crackin' me up, Alycia!!!!

Okay, first and foremost...YES. Make the brownies!

Next---Flying Vortex! LOVE the name; DH has a winner there! Way to use up the purple!

Diana said...

Your purple pineapple is beautiful! I still have 3 yds of an "in your face" neon green fabric I would love to use to make one....I can't think of what colors would go with though...any suggestions?

Impera Magna said...

Brownies... gorgeous quilt top with the perfect name... what could be better?

Melinda said...

The purple pineapple is spectacular. And you are right, it doesn't need a border.

The "thingy" your ds is playing is a xylophone. My ds #4 played that also.

And I'll be over when the brownies come out of the oven.

LizA. said...

I LOVE your purple pineapple. did you HAVE to mention brownies?!?!?!?

Lori said...

a marimba?? Brownies--I know I have at least 6 boxes of brownie mix. DH asked that I NOT make any sweets for a while. So don't mention brownies very loudly.

Katie said...

I love it - this would be perfect for my sister - she's a purple person. ;c)

Jan said...

I'm not a purple person, but this is absolutely gorgeous. It looks so different than Bonnie's pattern. As far as the brownies go, there's no question - a girl needs her chocolate.

Bonnie said...

I vote for marimba. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Flying Vortex. For some reason it looks so different from my version of the pineapple. Slap that thing on your long arm and sew. It'll be done before you know it. And, you'll have a lot more fabric to count on your stash report. Do you only count fabric when the quilt is done? I find that highly motivating. Thanks for sharing.

Dar said...

I love your pineapple quilt!! Much better than mine. Purple is MY color. If anyone who knew me saw your quilt, they would be sure it was mine. I made one for my DH from his favorite colors-browns. Not my colors at all. My setting is a bit different too. Don't know how to include it here for you to see.