Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Accountability Wednesday

The virus(es) are gone. Wrangler Man came and killed them and my computer is back in business. But since I couldn't pay bills I got a little more sewing time in!!

My To Do list for last week:

Quilt the Purple MC Quilt:    Nope - I had it loaded sort of, and then unloaded it to quilt some customer quilts - oh well.

Keep on finishing the pineapple blossoms. Yes I have been working well - I need 14 more blocks.... so very close! if I could just ignore the phone LOL

CUT some strings for REAL  Yep - I got all 1 pound and 11 oz of colors cut up.

Bind UFO #10 ( maybe) Yes!!! I did it!!! ( see my UFO #10 post here:
I Had fun this week with these things, plus Saturday I got to hear Sue Nickels talk at our Colorado Quilt Council meeting. She is an amazing quilter.  Sunday was a Quilt of Valor sew day. We bound 4 quilts, and got 4 more quilt tops made. I put all the blocks on my rail fence into rows.... so now the rows need to be a top.
Goals for this week .
I made a list and I wrote it down on a real piece of paper. So this means business right?
  • Finish my Purple Pineapple Quilt ( as in finish the top!)
  • Finish Rail QOV from our sew day ( again as in a top!)
  • Make a backing for the Purple Pineapple Quilt
  • Spend at least 1 hour making Lime Green String Blocks for the Heartstrings Feb/Mar project.
  • Dig out UFO #1 for Judy L's UFO Challenge
  • See what Brown fabrics I have for the Brown Monochromatic challenge.
  • Pay my bills ( what - how did this get here, it and my taxes have nothing NOTHING to do with fun!!!!!)
To see what others are up to - or to be daring enough to put your list out there: go to


Julianne's Machine Quilting said...

You are getting a lot done..but how did that not fun task find the list. LOL

Impera_Magna said...

I love lists of all kinds... you don't forget what needs doing, you get to cross items off when done... such a good feeling...

barbara said...

I too ned to make lists to stay on task, and I get that feel good felling when crossing off itmes as I get them done.
Just a quick question...Why do you weigh your fabric??

Andi said...

It was a happy mail day. Thanks for the scraps :-)

Kathie said...

You have a long list for this week, best of luck getting it all done.