Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mornings are not for Sleeping in!

It is spring break at our house, and we did not plan anything before 10 am so that we could all sleep in.... and apparently that was a bad plan! No sleeping in so far!

Yesterday,  dark and early in the morning, we heard a crash and a bang and my oldest son and I went running out the front.... not only was the trash man in the yard - the steers had busted thru their gate and were in a horse corral!  This is NOT where they belong, and having horses that like to chase cows - this wasn't a good way to start the morning.

He and I got to sort animals - in our PJ's and boots - we were cute ;-)   Oh and Did I mention - that Wrangler Man is in California? Couldn't even go wake him up and make him work! 

Of course - the gate they went through is VERY mangled, so we also got to replace that. Good thing my oldest son is getting pretty handy. I needed one of those twisty things that take bolts off - he knew exactly what it was - and better yet - where it was!

This morning it was the dogs - they started barking and whining. So I guess that just confirms that sleeping in is not for us!

Quilty wise - I have been cutting up 2 1/2 inch strips. The quilt that we are going to do at our Quilt of Valor Sew day is that fast Jelly Roll quilt. I have been told it is called the 1600 Jelly Roll Quilt, or the Fastest Jelly Roll quilt, or The Easiest Ever Jelly Roll Throw.
 Mine don't look as pretty as the ones in the store - but all the fabric is there!! That's all that matters right?
And I have started on a brown quilt - for the Monochromatic Challenge of March. I really didn't think that I would get a chance to start this, but the wind blew so bad on Tuesday that we stayed inside a lot, and yesterday the wind didn't blow - so we were outside ALL day...

So what are you all doing? Baking Cookies? Making something Chocolate? Sewing? 

I know I usually make weekly lists - but this week and next I think I will just focus on getting my Daily lists done *grin* and get the kids fed!


Cheryl Willis said...

how many strips are in the jelly roll?

I know they are 2 1/2" but have never used on so am curious as to number.

I have two that were gifted to me I may do a fast quilt just to see if it really is that fast. the one I saw the gal did it in under 45 min.

Cheryl Willis said...
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Impera_Magna said...

Who cares what your jelly rolls look like? It's the FABRIC that counts!

I'm very tempted to try one of those fast jelly roll quilts... saw a YouTube video where a woman got hers sewn together in 35 mins!

Kathie said...

Sleep in what is that? I have a cat I swear can tell time. He wakes up up each and every morning including weekends 5:15 practically on the dot. Then proceeds to bug me till I get up. He will meow, scratch the carpet, play with the blinds anything till I give up and get up.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Interesting form of an alarm clock you have there :0)
I was sooooo glad when we finally sold the cow and ponies (aka: Hoofed Houdinis). I have NO idea how they always escaped!
So good that you had your #1 worker to help you too.

FUN jelly rolls. HAVE FUN! Don't know if I can join you via Internet that day or not. This weekend, right? Sunday?

Julianne's Machine Quilting said...

Keeping the kids fed..Is a good thing. LOL

Lori said...

Ummm--baked bars, baked cookies. made a tuna casserole. sewed. I can hardly wait to see your jelly roll quilts. Did you cut your own strips? Please take lots of pictures so we can see too!! Want to know how you picked the fabrics/colors/numbers for the quilt.