Sunday, August 26, 2007

String Quilts and Wacky Log Cabins

I have learned how to make a string block and my son has caught on... I think he got it faster than I. But alas I have no picture of him as he was in his PJ's sewing! Anyways we have made a little progress on some blocks. They are somewhat additicing, and are a GREAT way to use up my scraps. Especially those scraps I just can't near to part with. This makes hubby very happy. He has dreams of reclaiming my space. I tell him to keep dreaming - he can build a barn!!

This is our pile of cut up strings. I have been cutting them up as I quilt our Quilts of Valor - from the backing left overs, and from the extra pieces that we don't use in a quilt - so we have a few. This is my corner of the front room - the black thing is the wood stove - this way I can stay nice and toasty when I am sewing in the winter. Of course at this moment in time - its not a worry at all!
Last year when I was working with the 5th graders I had cut a bunch of 3 inch squares to use as a practice piece to sew on. This way when they started on the real quilt they wouldn't be scared. Well I saved a lot of them and sewed them into 4 patches. Now I am using my strings and left overs to make them into Wacky Log Cabins - there is nothing square on them - except what I have squared up, but I think they will look very nice when finished. Well see. If I make them up to 15 inch blocks I will have enough to make 2 Quilts of Valor, I will just need to add a nice border. So far they have been fun!
Today was grocery shopping day - and we love that because theres lots to eat that day - made enchiladas and they should be ready in about 15 minutes - so I am off to speed sew till the boys come in!


Mary Johnson said...

Love the strings and the wonky log cabin blocks. Your son's doing a great job using up those leftovers.

Unknown said...

I love it. I am trying to use up some of my scrappy strips. It really does go fast.

Helen in the UK said...

Love your blocks - great way to use up those squares as 4 patches. I love the story of your son getting addicted to making these blocks too :)

Nicole & Phil said...

Strings are addictive aren't they? Great to see your son loves doing them too!

JanJ said...

I love making string blocks too and have a collection going. My strings don't seem to be going down any though. :) Love your wonky log cabins. I need to give that a try sometime.