Thursday, August 16, 2007

Counting and Cutting Fat Quarters

Well - not only is school about to start, but so will our Quilts of Valor project. We usually start in October but it came so fast last year that I decided to be organized. Probably deciding is just not enough, but I have been working too *grin* . I have recieved some fabrics from Judy in Illinois, Lois in Colorado, Marlene in Colorado, and Kelley in Ohio. ( I also got a box of Batting from Dee in Nebraska yay) So we have decided to do some quilts that need Fat Quarters and some strippy quilts. I have been going thru the fabrics and cutting FQ's first then will have the kids cut the scraps into strips, as well as cut up there FQ's.

This is a lot of fun, I like looking at and playing with the fabric - has this curbed my impluse to buy?? NO - well I haven't bought any fabrics - but I want to!! This bucket has our cut FQ's - I need 108 - I have 30 done - I am on my way.
Our school starts next Tuesday so we have been getting the backpacks ready and all the school supplies loaded. Monday my oldest got his locker, today the youngest will meet his teacher and the middle will see where his classroom is. Football is in full swing and my husband broke his arm at the first practice. I probably didn't mention he is one of the coaches - not players. All the players ( who you always worry about) didn't break anything - just my Hubby. Yesterday he was still woozy so we decided to drive him to work - he works an hour away - so we spent 4 hours in the car. That was just not as much fun as we would have liked, but as we were driving home in flooding rain and thunderstorms, dh was sleeping. Maybe a good decision!!
Hope you all have a great day!


swooze said...

Now how the heck did he do that??

Judy said... are very busy with all of your "boys"!! This broken arm probably won't be your last trip to the ER! :>) I can't wait to see your new group of kids and what they will do this year for QOV - so exciting for them to be allowed to get to do this!