Thursday, August 30, 2007

Augusts Quilt of Valor

I got a Rail Fence Quilt of Valor in the mail the other day - so I put a Panto on it called Debs Swirls. I think it turned out really nice. So I will get it sent back to the topper - she likes to do binding and labels - gotta love folks like that!!

DS#3 is my faithful quilt helper - he loves to hold them up!

We have almost made it thru the first full week of school, and I was informed this morning that it could be over now. They are done! It cracks me up, becuase during the summer they have NO problem waking up early, but somehow the word "school" induces sleep!!

And it is snake season again - I took the kids to school, pulled up to the gate ( to our house) , stepped out to open the gate and as I had one foot on the ground I heard a slither, looked down and jumped up on the top of the car! There was a baby rattlesnake slithering across. A trucker pulled over and checked on me - he thought I looked stranded up on the car. I said - No Just cautious - who knows if the snake had brothers and sisters under my car. I thought I was giving them ample time to GET OUT FROM UNDER MY CAR!!

We are much more observant now when pulling up to the gate from either direction!

Thanks to Betsey in Denver for letting me raid her fabric stash for my school QOV project, and to Judy in Illinois - for batting. I haven't opened the box yet as the boys are looking forward to the batting exploision. Its packed pretty tight in there!!

Have a good day!


Vicki W said...

Nice job on the QOV!

Paula, the quilter said...

We are being overrun with rabbits at our place. I think we have too much congestion for snakes.

Helen in the UK said...

Great job on the QoV. Sounds like you've been getting lots of donated supplies - such a great cause you're working for :)

swooze said...

I am glad you saw that snake before you stepped on it! The QOV is wonderful!

Eileen said...

Very nice QOV. We've got a problem with those yellow jackets that like to burrow into the side of the house.

Suzanne Earley said...

Ooooo.... a baby rattlesnake....i would have jumped up there with you.....and might not have come back down!

Quilter Kathy said...

Thanks for the smile today..."school induces sleep"!!
Good thing you saw the snake before he bit you! Be careful out there!

Rhonda said...

Great Fence Rail. Snakes.....oooohhh dear!