Saturday, August 25, 2007

School has Started

You would think this would be exciting - but it means we are back to full speed with no goofing off. Full speed I am good with - no goofing off, well not so good! Tuesday was the first day of school, so I dropped the kids off and went to a Brazilian Embroidery class taught by Christine Hause. ( ) Oh my gosh - it was great. I am not good, nor enticed much by handwork - but this was cool. I learned tons of stitches and am going to make a project - so I won't show you my test stitches but will show you my project when I make more progress.

We are also full swing into fall sports! Here is one of my kids - and hubby, he is the assisant coach.

I also recieved a nice surprise from Helen in the UK - she sent me some fabric for Quilts of Valor for our school project, its a neat piece and will be great!

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Mary Johnson said...

I don't miss school days any more!