Monday, August 06, 2007

Quilts of Valor from Buena Vista

There is a group in Buena Vista that seems to be to be very prolific in there making of Quilts of Valor. I am rather impressed with them! Last month they sent me 2 to quilt, and this month 2 more are on there way. I know another LA'er who got 2 from them last month as well. So needless to say ....they are awesome!

This is one of them being held by ds#3 - oops forgot to rotate it - but you get the idea. The other one is very fallish. Aren't they pretty?

On my quilty side I have been cutting lots of FQ's ( okay I have 5 cut I cannot tell a lie) for the kids at school, and cutting the scraps up into strings and strips. I am going to attempt to make a spiderweb quilt - I have a picture somwhere - out of all these scraps.

We have been stocking up on hay for the winter and pulling lots of weeds - not a fun combination - but you gotta do it!! Have a great day everyone!


Nicole & Phil said...

It's been awhile since I popped in. The quilts are lookig terrific!

Helen in the UK said...

Great quilts! Sounds like that group is keeping you busy on the quilting front :)

Judy said...

Nice quilts! But then, you always have great QOV to show!!

Jeanne said...

Two more wonderful quilts! It seems too early to hear about putting up hay for the winter, but I guess the summer is winding down.