Thursday, August 17, 2017


Very first off - Holly.... no! I did not see Kevin's Mystery Quilt in its totality.... I think he hid it from me, and he hid it well - there was no trace of it anywhere!!  (I am not saying I looked or anything, or moved some fabric in the off chance it would be hiding... nope.... not me!)

So.... I like you, will have to work on Clue #2 and wait for #3 to come out *sigh*

But!!! I did see the Mississippi River.... and some Quilt shops... and the St Louis Arch - and traffic... St Louis has lots of traffic.... I live on a country road.... my traffic is bunnies and snakes... and the errant cow....

I took my camera out and we hiked around ....  Ready???

First we went to the Mississippi River.... Holy cow - that is a big river!!

And these barges travel up and down it.
I am sure many of you have seen these.... but I haven't
( that I can remember)

That's a barge that as already come thru the locks ( above)
(Below)  a barge coming through the locks.

The Barge man ( I do not know what they call them) says it takes about 20-30 minutes to get through the locks and start on the other side.

The barges are tied together, and I think 18 are tied together.
They take the place of a LOT of semi trucks over the road

and across the Levee thing that we were walking on it this great house.
It's lifted - ha ha - I thought we should buy it and make it a retreat center.
and then I heard it was lifted because the river floods
and Colorado looked even better

I happened to be there on a day when it was not too humid,
so watching the sun go down was pretty cool and breezy - 
I liked it

I got to take a tour of the area - just checking out some cool things - and yelling - *stop!!* I want to take a photo.... ha ha - I like being the boss!!

This is an elevator thingy, that they used to load up the barges in the river at one time. I don't know, and forgot to ask if its still in use?

Another Sunset - just because....

Check out this house!! It is SO high!! Can you imagine being there when the water got that high?  I was Wondering if they had a boat or a life raft for just in case?

Then we went to St Charles - the old town part. and it was So charming! We stopped at a quilt shop ( or 5) and checked out all the goodies...

Then we went and checkout out the historical stuff
this was the sight of the Worlds Fair - and I forgot what year - maybe 1904?
I read the plaque and I think the area spanned over 1200 acres and was one of the biggest worlds fairs ever.

And check out this horse.... This was a huge statue - and of course - a Horse!! i had to take a photo!

Then I had to go home... they kicked me out and Missouri said I couldn't stay....

just kidding... I hit the road early in the morning , and drove the whole 12 1/2 hours home.

I saw a lot of Corn, Soybeans and Cows.... and semi trucks....

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mystery A6 - Big Star Country

Ta Da!!!

Mystery A6 has a name.....
Thanks to Tanya -


You all saw mine as we sewed along:

But I decided I wanted to sew along again
So this is another one that I made

There are so many awesome combinations that would work with this quilt pattern
 A lot of them have been shared on my Quiltygirl Facebook Page

and now you can share yours here:

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Bloggers Everywhere

After I FINALLY made it through Illinois - i really did hit Missouri!!!

I am not sure if you know this or not - but a few famous bloggers live there... and one said I could crash at their house, and two said I could have a meal with them.... and it was fun!!!

I showed up to the house.... and Look what was fed to me!!

Doesn't that look amazing?
At my house.... we just have tacos ;-)

I bet you want to know who cooked this right???

None other than

and then the next day - 
we met up with two more AMAZING bloggers for lunch

it was a mexican place - and check out this sink!!!
Isn't it great!!

Looky who I met!!
On the left is Dar - from Dar's Patchwork Garden
Boy howdy is that lady a busy quilter - she does all sorts of things for Quilts of Valor!!!

And then of course - there is Kevin
Then Me ( in the white - just in case you don't know what I look like)

and then Jan!  From The Colorful Fabriholic

She is the infamous ( I hope I got that right - as in famous) designer of our Log Cabin Triangle Block that we did for QOV, AND!! 

She has a great tutorial on her blog right now for another QOV - the Snake Quilt 

Out of all the snakes in the world.... her's is the nicest!!

Oh and don't forget Kevin has a Mystery on his blog now too!

Just so you know , I didn't just eat! ( ok , well maybe)
But I got a tour - and I took my real camera out, and I bought ( umm, unless my husband is reading - was given) fabric.... and I will show you more on Thrusday!!

because Wednesday is MYSTERY A6 LINK UP 
and show off day!!!

Whoot whoot

Monday, August 14, 2017

It really happened...

My son threatened to grow up, and I did everything I could to prevent it.... but I failed

Ha ha - Just kidding...

My firstborn child has gone on to grad school.... and my second born.... is packing - PACKING!!! why!!!!

So this post - is all about Big Bit.....

He left us.... yep - he is moving on to other things.   So He and his Dad drove out to DC, and I flew ( i got the better end of that deal)   and met them there.

Just so you know - his Dad ( Wrangler Man) does exist.
I realized I write a lot about me - but he is there too ;-)

After the initial move in we headed out to find food.
and see a few sights.
and me with only my cell phone
ACKKK how did they do that to me!

No matter what tho
Our Nations Monuments are pretty amazing
This was me on my way to my Forest Gump moment
 - Yep - I can still embarrass my kid!! - Ha ha

My attempt at a Pano shot of the WWII Memorial - seeing things at night is pretty cool

and the White house...

And the Metro - I tell you I am just fascinated by these things... that you get everywhere without driving, and in just a short amount of time....

And then.... Wrangler Man Flew home.... and I drove..... 29 ish hours of driving.....

And just so you know - I need to take geography all over again... I stayed in Indiana with some friends and then headed west the next morning. I called home, and WM says - you should be in Illinois soon.... and I laughed.

No honey, I said, I am heading to Missouri! Not Illinois I told him, and he said, yes dear - but you have to get though Illinois first.....   Oh. Well... I am glad you told me, as I would have probably stopped and thought I was lost.

When I got home - There was this:

Friday, August 11, 2017

Quilting the Quilt - Finishes

I have the best Clients!!! I love the Variety of  the quilts, and the amazing details in them!!

isn't this just the cutest???

And this beauty was pieced by Mari
who blogs at the Academic Quilter
go check her out - she has some amazing tutorials!

And my - Antique Quilts! They are so amazing - and so fun to check out!!

This one was fun too! the blocks had been pieced and stuck in a box, Deb found them and found the original plan for the quilt - and Voila! now it is finished!

It makes me want to go finish something now!!!

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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Mystery A6 Clue #5 - and the Final Clue!!!!

You have made it!!! your almost there!!!

Clue #5 :

Time to finish the final Layout:
Just a reminder for this layout: so you can Match your colors to this one:
Dark #1 is Navy Blue
Dark #2 is the Red
Light is the White
And Background in the teal

And Now:::
Are you ready
Take Clue #4 and Clue #5

Ta Da – Your Finished Quilt!!

And because I wanted to quilt one:

Here is the deal - A6 needs a name!  I have one in mind, but sometimes other people have better ideas....  share with me your idea of a name for this Mystery.......  

And be sure to link up your Clue 4 progress if you want!   I will host one more link up next week for the final quilt photos if you wish ;-)



Monday, August 07, 2017

Aerial Tramway

This post is not for those afraid of heights.....

well Just kidding..... Sorta....

We took a little adventure up the Aerial Tram ... and oh man! The views!! and the wind!!

It was spectacular!

First we took the tram to the top
So cool! and you meet people from all over the world

Isn't that a cool view?
I can imagine in the olden days the guys with the mules trekking to the top of the mountains and seeing this....

And then of course....
The views!

It was a pretty fun little trip! And  we even stopped at a little Irish bar.... and had a soda!! ha ha

Friday, August 04, 2017

Reserve Grand Champion - Heritage Arts

The Weld CO fair just happened here.... and Little Bit Entered his Elvis Quilt in the Heritage Arts division.  He won Champion in his Quilting class......

and the it went up against all the other Champions in the Heritage Arts Division -   ( including knitting and other cool things)  and he came out with Reserve Grand Champ!  Not to bad.

I should have taken a photo of the Grand Champion - she had a knitted vest that was spectacular!!!

This is his quilt unbound ... and he bound it in that blue. I am proud to say, he did not need any help on the binding this year - I was impressed - either that - or he wanted me out of the room!!  

Posing ;-)

And this is the quilt I entered
I took Third in my category

This is the one that took first in my category 
Wow!! I want to take that one home

Do you think she would notice if I just switched them out???

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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Mystery A6 Clue #4

Are you ready???
Today is a big day.... it's time to start working with all the pieced we have cut and sewn!!

Clue #4

Are you ready??? It’s time to start laying out all of our pieces:
Just a reminder for this layout: so you can Match your colors to this one:
Dark #1 is Navy Blue
Dark #2 is the Red
Light is the White
And Background in the teal

Here is the Picture:

It is 7 blocks wide – and you are working on half of the quilt. –
Each block should measure 9 ½ inches if we stitched them right – and the background solid pieces being used, are the 9 ½ inch squares that you cut in step 1.
You will have extra pieces left – don’t worry – you have another clue ;-)

I stitched them all together, pressed to one side, and stitched these 4 rows together.

A PDF Copy is available in my Craftsy Store ( for Free)  
Click here :  Quiltygirls Craftsy Store  and look for Mystery A6 Clue #4

And a Link up for your Clue #3  :


Monday, July 31, 2017

Mini Jacobs Ladder

Surprise!! I have even another quilt up on the design wall this week!!

it's called the Mini Jacobs Ladder - another tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Co - I think things are getting out of hand for me with their tutes..... just sayin'

This uses all 5 inch squares ( again) and there is no waste!  Well - I had such fun trying them that I posted it to my Colorado QOV'ers and my group got busy - I think 30 of these 72 blocks were made by me - so I am not really all that impressive - But!!! these blocks were all pieced with 5 inch squares from my never ending bucket - so there is that!!

and just for grins and giggles - check out these clouds - they were wispy along my walk and I loved the color contrast:

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Blue Scrap Progress - Rainbow Scrap Challenge

Blue is the Color of July on the RainBow Scrap Challenge ( hosted by Angela)

I dug into my 5 inch blue squares, and had so much fun!! and Then - Clare came and made these red and blue blocks - and she made 4 of them - so I just had to put them as the cornerstones.....

and Ta-Da!!

A quilt is born.... or at least in the gestation process.....

It is actually all stacked and ready to be *rowed* on my sewing table.... so it will soon be ..... a Top!!

I just love this Churndash Pattern - its the one by Missouri Star Quilts - where you use all 5 inch squares - No waste!!!

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Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Even thought is has some other colors.... it started out as all blue!