Friday, November 22, 2013


Yesterday a storm rolled in, and the wind came with it... I forget how cold the wind can make everything. As well as making it hard to drive - it seems no matter which direction you go - the snow is blowing INTO you!!

My little guy is a basketball player this year.  I think he is having a good time, he sleeps well at night! This is kind of new to him - he played back when he was 6.. one season. 

 I am not a master of the basketball shot yet - but mine is Number 5
 I told him he should stop and look at me - and then start moving.that way I could have a clear photo... he disagreed,
The other team had cheerleaders ( we are in 7th grade) and this just cracked me up - the only blue in the sea of green....

And on to a Finished quilting project.

My friend J Loves to work with batiks - and her quilt tops are just amazing. So I got to play on this one:
 It reminded me of something southwestern... aztec like. So we treated each square separately.
 The outer border had squares quilted into it - I notice that I can't see it very well - so I hope you can click on the picture and see more.
I loved her batiks - the colors were wonderful!


Terri said...

Stop, Smile and Proceed! LOL
How is #1 son doing at college?
Love the quilt and the quilting.

Kate said...

Looks like he's having fun.

Nice quilting!

Kevin the Quilter said...

I still can't believe how much it seems he has grown this year! The quilt texture is really great in this one!