Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quilters Accountability 1/12

My goals for the last week were:

1. Keep working on Yellow Monochromatic Quilt.  I did well, all the blocks have been finished, and it is pinned into rows to begin sewing into a top!! And then because I didn't want to put the cut yellows back into my stash I started making String blocks.

2. Make backings for 2 quilts:   Done! That sure helps with the stash reports too LOL

3. Cut up at least 3 Quilt of Valor quilt kits D'oh - Almost - I got two completely, and all the darks for the third - so I will get the lights done this next week!!

4. Pull out UFO Number 6 and think of how it will get finished  It is pulled out, and I have pulled fabric to make the borders... and now it is sitting on my ironing board.

 This is my pile of leftover Yellows - does anyone work with crumbs? So of these are 1 1/2 inches, some are half squares, some are just bits, but they fit into a little manila envelope and I would be glad to send them to someone if they want them.... I am officially tired of yellow!

If you want them leave me a comment or email me at alyciaquilts @ and I will contact you.  Done - gone - taken - I LOVE it - Thank you for taking these off my hands!! No guilt is left!!!

 We have spent a lot of time doing this - even though the high yesterday was 11, and today it hasn;t quite reached that yet - but everyone needs so exercise right?
The dogs are making sure each others nose hasn't frozen off yet - they do NOT understand why humans would venture outside when there is a perfectly good warm place with cushions in the mud room!

For this next week:

1. Finish the string blocks
2. Finish the Yellow MC Top and choose a backing
3. Cut borders for UFO #6
4. Quilt Customer quilt - its a food themed quilt - I get hungry easy, so wish me luck!!
5. Finish cutting the lights for the 3rd QOV kit.

To see what everyone esle is up to, or to join in go to:



Cheryl Willis said...

yes I would like your yellow and will trade you a set of butterfly applique or a like size amount of scraps from my RRBC. cw

Julianne said...

You got a lot done. I am not surprised tho. I like the string blocks, I might just have to do some to use uo some of my odd strips.

Anonymous said...

Look what Judy's monochromatic challenge has inspired you to do! That yellow and black string quilt will be striking when you are finished!

You kicked it into high gear this last week...a lot finished up! Way to go!

We have had the cold, but barely enough snow to sled in - which is probably a good thing because Munchie is sick and can't go out! I assume you got out there and were sliding with the boys?

Keep warm!


Amy said...

Reading your accountability faithfully. NOW who's the one not sleeping?!?!?!? :0)
Great progress on EVERYTHING!

Tamera said...

You got a lot done this week! Way to go!

Cheryl Willis said...

I love your scraps and have cut and sub-cut them and hope to have my own little mini project ready to show off soon. I will do a post and link to you.
thanks for picking me. cheryl