Monday, July 14, 2008

Dales QOV and String from Bosnia

Did you miss me? Well I haven't really been gone , just away from a computer. We had two swim meets - one friday for the two youngest boys, one saturday for the oldest boy. We had Bibleman Saturday nite. He is a superhero - and it was a great show - the kids loved it... we got there early enough to sit in the 4th row! It almost gave me hero status too!
I am not sure where yesterday went. We had church, lunch, grocery shopping, chores and then the next thing we knew it was dark. Early this morning my youngest came in and said "mom - there are horses on the lawn" Good thing that child is a light sleeper. We really didn't want the horses on the lawn - they are supposed to stay in there pastures - which apparently they broke a wire and got out. Oh boy!
This top quilt is from Dale in OH - It is really soft and cuddly. I love the fabrics used! I think I might even have some of a few of them ;-) Imagine that!
The string blocks came ALL the way from Bosnia! They are neat and perfect timing. J is ready to start another string quilt - I think I have enough blocks. If not we will make a few to get 'er done!
Hope you all have a wonderful day. Our plan is to get some quilting done! I am working on a beautiful custom quilt - but only have about 12 inches of it done... it may take a while (grin)

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Marie said...

I have a quilt I am ready to send to you. Can you tell me where to send it? I am going to make a pillow case for it and I would like to get it in the mail this week. Thanks!