Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Happy Jack

 Remember those photos of Ethels Quilts?  We took them at Happy Jack - but! 

Just because we got the Quilt shot..... didn't mean we were done!! There were miles of trails to take - and so ! We snowshoed!!!

and it was gorgeous!! we were the only Snowshoers out - but! We did see some mountain bikers with very fat snow tires on their bikes.

There were groups of Aspens. I love how they all huddle together. Of course, they share a root system so that makes sense. But when the spring comes - I want to come back here!!

Then we headed deep into the trees....

It's weird how the light comes thru the trees - all muted

I think that growth on the tree above is Mistletoe

Such a breath of Fresh air!

And even more snow. I love my snowshoes, but you do want to be on the packed down snow - you are not invincible in them.  As we were leaving a  new hiker was starting out,. He said - but? Do you really need snowshoes?   as he proceeded to step into a deep bank of snow up to his hips....I was real nice and said... well they worked for me.

We noticed he started back to the car as soon as we got in our car  ...hmmm

One last shot of the Aspen. I think they are just so unique!!

Happy Trails from Happy Jack!!!


Delighted Hands said...

I do admire the crisp colors and can remember the bite of the air! Beautiful. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Quiltdivajulie said...

SO beautiful! Too funny about the guy not wanting to wear snowshoes... and bald cypress trees also share a root system (if one dies, they all do - ask us how we know).

Kate said...

Such a beautiful place to walk. It looks a bit chilly though, so you are definitely braver than I am.

Susan said...

So pretty. There's a Happy Jack in northern Arizona, but it's pine forest. We used to camp there every year (summer!) in the free forest campground our friends hosted. Such good memories!