Wednesday, September 15, 2021

More Wild Animal Sanctuary

 First off - Nope - The Tiger did not catch the duck.... that duck flew away like his life was on the line!!

And now!!! Are you ready for a totally photo laden post?  I mean really - you can't go to this place without taking a gazillion million trillion photos - But I really did pare it down for you... sort of!

I think these animals are just so gorgeous - and every time I read about where they came from.


 Mexico Government Confiscation

 - Kiro is a male Leopard that was 

confiscated by the Mexican 

Government agency known as 


 due to his being trafficked illegally.  

When rescued, 

Kiro was suffering from abuse 

and neglect including having been 

declawed on all four feet and being 

malnourished and underweight.

  Kiro is now at a healthy weight and has regained his agility and mental health.  

This handsome Leopard can look forward to living 

a wonderful life in a sensory-rich habitat with the Sanctuary’s many other Leopards. - TWAS


And you hear their rescue stories:

"Pleiades" is another example of human meddling, as White Tigers are inbred to such a degree that all of them have genetic issues as well. Although Pleiades is less than one year old, he has severely crossed eyes as a result of the endless inbreeding that took place when person after person bred White Tiger fathers to their White Tiger daughters... TWAS

I love the look Pleiades
gave the other tiger when the mean came sailing through the air - I think that was not an amused look.... Until more meat came!!

Now the Bears!! Oh My the Bears - these are truly my spirit animal... They eat, they sleep and they lay around.... sometimes they even swim!!

These two heard the truck coming....  

And then Oscar says - hey!!! I can't see - so he stands up to check things out!!

And Clementine - not to be outdone says - Heck Fire - If I stand I can see too!!

Do they just make you laugh? I know - I am easily entertained - but seeing them in a happy place - makes me happy!

I Belive He knew the camera was on him - and of course -had to give me a little pose right>?

And this bear - Oh my stars did he make me laugh - he played in the water, got out and ate - got back in and goofed off - he was the best!

Here is the website for the sanctuary - you can read more about all the animals they have there - and learn their rescue stories. They always need money - but sometimes they need donations of things you have around your house - and you can ship them there. One time they had a towel drive - and That was pretty cool - I cleaned out a closet!!

The WIld Animal Sanctuary



Donna said...

Great photos! My hubby and I will have to visit! His hobby is photography. Our chances of visiting one of these sanctuaries is much better than going on a safari!

Linda said...

It is so heart-warming to see those beautiful animals at peace and in the comfort and environment they deserve. I wish we could rescue ALL animals that are being abused. I can't bear to think about it. Glad you got to have such a good time!

Delighted Hands said...

Fantastic! I love to watch the bears, too! We occasionally see them around our yard--they hurry for no man! lol

Vicki W said...

Soooo cool!

WeedyMama said...

Looks like you had a great birthday! I like the ears on that right-facing bear, but it would probably be happy to eat me.

More pix, more pix.

Thanks for sharing.