Monday, August 10, 2020

Studio Clean up and Stash Reduction

 I don't know why this always happens to me - but... when I am away from my studio for any period of time,  I come back, and all I can think about is cleaning up!   I really should just want to sew, but noooooo , my brain says - lets reorganize!!

A stack of Yellows

and So - with all of my strong men home ( see there is a benefit to covid)  I started reorganizing!!

I have my own bathroom in the studio - and since it is just me, I might have batting stored in there ( and then I run upstairs to use the other bathroom - weird right?)  I decided it was time to move it all, and behind it! I found fabric!!  Which led to other fabric, which led to....

Leftover Minkee from the backs of quilts

Finding Denim Fabrics left from My Maternity Clothing company!! I was one of the first clothing companies on the internet in 1995... mostly then people were just using it as an ad campaign... I had a REAL store - with an order form an everything... and lawsy mercy was that catalog long.... but!   I sold the company a few years ago, and I had used most everything I saved.. but denim!.... well   I digress....

I used to order fabric wholesale, and I have noticed, that is a hard habit to break.. you know - buying in quantity!!

Purples and pretties

and so!!

I am sorting through tons of fabrics  - Literal Tons - and am starting to list them on Ebay!!  I figured this would be a great way to reduce some stash, spread the fabric love, and maybe..... be able to empty a shelf... I mean - lets not get carried away over here alright??

Quiltygirl Quilts on Ebay

This is where I will be listing my fabrics - Some auctions have already started... some are starting a little later today - and new ones will post each day.... I mean - I can only do so much in a day without getting to distracted.... my bucket list of quilts to make has significantly grown as well!

PS - I might have had a chance to get out in the real world - the world without people and I might have some photos to share ....


WeedyMama said...

Never having done this before, could I buy just one piece out of a 'collection'?

The Joyful Quilter said...

Good luck on your eBay sales, Alycia!

Delighted Hands said...

I feel the same way--this time the bug went deep! Good for you!