Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Quilts of Valor being awarded

I LOVE to Make Quilts of Valor - but I LOVE seeing them awarded even more!!!
I LOVE the stories that come out, the smiles that emerge, and the little ( or big) hug you get for thinking of them.....

Here you go:

I love how the right quilts make their way to the Right Veterans
This one below - he was beyond happy with his 
He told us afterwards how they had just redecorated and this was the whole theme
( Diamonds and Patriotic)

This one was in the army and told be he bleeds army green
He quilt had Army Green as the background - 
Too cool!

This one was in Vietnam and he was super quiet about his service
After Receiving his quilt he came up and told me some crazy stories
He was stationed near the DMZ 

This one
Oh this one - what a sweet heart
He is a lot sicker than he looks, but he was just happy to be there.
he could not believe us quilters would make something so beautiful for him

The above photos were all one award ceremony

Another group
I went to their meeting and they were Just Amazing!!
They were just so tickled to  be recognized for their service.

The one sorta Kneeling is a Marine ( on the right)
and when he learned I was a new Marine Mom - he gave me all sorts of tips!
It was cute

This group - What a group - I tell you each group has a different feel - but this one was true brotherhood - and not only Military but in  LIFE!   The 5 on the left and the one below - all went to the same high school .

 They all were in different Branches of the military during Vietnam - and they all went on Honor Flight together.  Isn't that cool - and the one on the far right? He is the younger brother of one of the *group* and he served during desert Storm ...

The man on the far left was the high school quarterback - and the man next to him was the center on their HS football team, and each one of them had the best stories - they were all such Great friends 
We didn't want the Ceremony to end - I loved them all.

So now... go sew 
Make a QOV - I know you want to!
Ha ha!


Dorothy said...


Vivian said...

What great stories! I'm sure there wasn't a dry eye in the house after this ceremony! So admire what you continually do.

L1s1s said...

Todo esto me impresiona mucho.
Saludos desde Madrid (EspaƱa)

Vicki in MN said...

Love the stories you get from these QOV award ceremonies!

barbara woods said...

my qroup is making them right now to be given Nov the 11th

The Joyful Quilter said...

Another great group of presentation quilts, Alycia! That Diamond quilt and its story? AWESOME!!!

Vicki W said...

Reading these posts is such a happy part of my day!

Stephanie Davison said...

Amazing that those 5 all went to school together--and are in the same awards ceremony! It gives me chill bumps to see how the quilts seem to find their new owner.

Farm Quilter said...

I so enjoy seeing pictures of the presentations!!! So much fun. I know my dad loves his QoV and totally cherishes it - it is on his bed!

Kate said...

It's always fun to see the award photos and know that the QOVs go to some nice new homes.