Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Blocks Blocks Blocks and More Blocks ( all for Quilts of Valor!!!)

Back in August I posted a new QOV block that my group was making - and thought maybe a few of you might like to join in... just in case you had a few scraps lying around - and Oh! My! Stars!!

The response was awesome!!

I always believe we have made Quilts of Valor Great ONE QUILT and ONE VETERAN at a time.... and I think this love proves it....

So far - we have a total of 113 of these blocks and I know one amazing quilter is making the blocks assembling the top AND quilting it for us - so that would be 125 blocks!!!

That's at least 10 Quilts of Valor worth to get working on - So THANK YOU ALL!!

Some from Carlie in North Carolina!

Some from the Murphy Family in 
North Carolina

Some from Laura in California

A BUNCH from our Windsor Gardens Group in Aurora
(25 I think!)

Some from Denise in Centennial CO
and Genie in Colorado Springs
and Vicki in AZ

And some from 
Darlene in IL and Carolyn in PA

And from Amarillo TX!!!

And from Sue in TX

And Jocelyn Donated some great fabrics 
for us to make the next month block

We are testing a fun block for November to December 
It takes squares - so When It is all tested

I'll post it!
I love having a block prepped for Leader/Enders at my sewing machine

Have a Happy Wednesday!!

Oh PS - if you want the pattern to make your own QOV out of this block:

There you go!!


Yvonne said...

What a great response to such a worthy cause. Thank you for spearheading. I think one of my goals next year should be to participate somehow in a QOV. Thank you for inspiring me.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Fabulous response to your Block Drive, Alycia!! I hope a few of my readers contributed based on the post I did. Thanks for the shout out on my block (from the Murphy family.) Happy quilting!

Kim said...

It always makes my heart smile when I read of your Quilts of Valor posts. It fills my heart with joy at the thought of all you lovely ladies stitching your blocks and quilts, with such love, kindness and goodwill to a veteran who has served their country well. God bless all you beautiful ladies♥